SPX 2005 Comics Bonanza

We've brought back more comics than ever from this year's SPX, as you will soon discover.  The flood gates have opened in the world of self-published comics and the work is pouring out at an unprecedented rate. There's something for everyone here; for some, too much! 
Take your time and take a look; even now, in 2007, much is still available for sale.

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Picture Box, Inc.
Paper RadAmong the big books making their debut at SPX, one of the most anticipated is Paper Rad, B.J. and da Dogs.  Printed on a dozen different paper stocks, in half a dozen different monochrome inks as well as brain searing full color, this Ganzfeld Special Edition, published by Picture Box, Inc. was greeted with eye-popping delight by its target audience.  Paper Rad is a group project documenting the journey to the center of the new videogame consciousness that has taken root in the children of the 1970s.  You've seen their work here, there, and everywhere, most notably in Kramers Ergot #4, and, although to a slightly lesser extent, #5.  If you're in your twenties and spent too much of your formative years in front of a TV and/or playing Nintendo, then this book may hold the key to your inner life.  Better check it out, dude. 

Paper Rad interiors
To dig deeper, fasten your seatbelt and head to:


retail price - $29.95 
price - $26.95

And, and that's just a start.  Picture Box, Inc. were out in force at SPX, premiering, in addition to the Paper Rad book, a series of oversize newspaper comics which we are offering in their bundled form, the 4-pack Fun-pack (
copacetic price - sorry, sold out). 

ChimeraWorthy of special note is Chimera, the deluxe tri-tone newspaper edition by Pittsburgh ex-pat, Frank Santoro.  Most well known in the comics world for his influential 1995 newspaper comic, Storeyville, Santoro has spent most of the 21st century painting, but has been lured back to comics by a conspiracy of circumstance.  Anyone interested in seeing comics put to new uses will want to take a look at this piece.  With Chimera, we have a work that is striving to achieve a poetics of comics.  Drawing on the insights into the symbolic quality of images that he has gained through his years spent concentrating on the practice and study of painting, Santoro has created an evocative convergence of classical and contemporary mythologies that expresses the eternal unchanging nature of the relationship between the heart's true desire and the reality of the world in which one must work to realize it.  Don't miss this one!
copacetic price - $5.00

And don't forget to visit www.theganzfeld.com.

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Global Hobo
One of the highlights of every SPX is checking in with Jesse Reklaw to see what he's managed to gather together under his Global Hobo Banner.  This year he had assembled the biggest and best batch yet of handmade limited edition comics from all over. Check out their online store!  Here's a look at what we picked up this year:

American Born Chinese
by Gene Luen Yang
This is an ongoing saga that Yang has been working on for the last two years.  It presents an odd conglomeration of ancient Chinese mythology and contemporary American suburban life.  It effects a rough synthesis by opting for a unique bipartate structure.  Volume One is a single book divided between Monkey (ancient China) and Jin (contemporary America), along with a bit on Chin-Kee (who functions as a sort of humorous Brechtian chorus).  The second and third volumes are split into two seperate books, each solely devoted to Monkey --2.1 & 3.1 -- or Jin -- 2.2 & 3.2.  It's all a bit confusing at first, but it's an interesting approach into which a lot of labor has been put.
#1 -
copacetic price - $4.00
#s 2.1, 2.2, 3.1 & 3.2 - copacetic price - $3.00@

One Fine Day #1 - 3
by Tom Neely
This finely rendered series evokes the era of silent films and 78 records and features some pretty slick design work.
retail price - $5.00@  copacetic price - $3.00@
set of #1 - 3: copacetic price - $5.00 ¡SPX special!

Quagga #5
by Alixopulos
Terrific tales of twenty-something angst and drunkeness, for less!
copacetic price - $2.00@

by Tom Neely
A clever pantomime comic that features a hand-silkscreened cover.
copacetic price - o/s

Do-It-Yourself Silkscreening #2
by John Isaacson
Don't let the title fool you.  This is actually an entertaining story of the DIY crowd.
copacetic price - o/s

by Rina Ayuyang
As the title implies, this nifty little item serves as a souvenir of sorts from the author's visit to her old hometown of... Pittsburgh, PA
copacetic price -  (sorry, sold out; we'll try to get more)

Break #6
by Briana Miller
A gal, a guy, some ducks, and... a giant hand!
copacetic price - $3.00

Monday Part One & Part Two
by Andy Hartzell
copacetic price - $3.00@

Black Sheep
by Frederick Noland
This book runs the gamut of social outcasts and oddball weirdos.  Finely rendered with expert ink handling, this digest format book with silk-screened cover will impress any comics aficionado with a taste for the outré.
copacetic price - $4.00

by Joe Sayers
This 20 page 8 1/2" x 2 3/4" comic book gets our vote for the silliest book at SPX.  Guaranteed laughs!  Buy it now before it's sold out. 
copacetic price - sold out

Rhythm - An Anthology
edited and designed by John Isaacson, Jared Katz and Geoff Vasile
A highly engaging collection of 36 pages of comics devoted to all things musical by the editors, Jesse Reklaw, Dan Moynihan and others.  Recommended.
copacetic price - $4.00

Do You Like TV

edited by Levon Jihanian
All things TV are addressed in 18 one pagers by 16 different contributors including Josh Frankel, Dave K., Rina Ayuyang and Tom Neely.
copacetic price - $3.00

Couch Tag #1 & #2
by Jesse Reklaw
#1 is a 16-page collection of short autobiographical reminiscences.  #2 is a 20-page amalgamation that focuses entirely on "The Thirteen Cats of (His) Childhood."  This story is an insightful autobiographical tale of family life as experienced by a young boy that shows more maturity than most comics working in this vein.  It is one of the best comics at this year's SPX -- by our reckoning, at least -- and deserving of a much wider audience than it will be able to find in this form. 
copacetic price #1 - $1.00
copacetic price #2 - (Sorry, sold out)

Slow Wave Mini #1 & #2

by Jesse Reklaw
These are, respectively, 36-page and 40-page collections of Jesse's great one-page comics transcriptions of other people's dreams, nearly all of which are little gems.  You can read these on line at www.slowwave.com.  In adddition to heading up Global Hobo, Mr. Reklaw is a significant comics creator in his own right. 
copacetic price - o/s

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The USS Catastrophe
SPX wouldn't be SPX without a new release from Dan Zettwoch, and he delivers here with his first collection, Schematic Comics (
copacetic price - sold out).  This 48-page wonder pulls together all the loose ends of the last few years in a hefty handmade package put together as only Zettwoch can.  Anyone who is familiar with Zettwoch's work knows that this is must-have-now item.  For those poor souls among you who have yet to experience the rare and simple joys of a comic book by Dan Zettwoch, all we have to say is:  you don't know what you're missing; but it's easy to find out -- just buy this comic!  In addition, Mr. Z provided us with a restock of both Redbird Comics & Stories #1 -- still priced at the stunningly low price of $2.00 -- and his under-rated early masterwork of mysterious machinations, Collectin' (copacetic price - sold out).  Miss these at your peril!

While we at the USS Catastrophe table, we also took them up on their offer of Ted May's new
edition of his classic, Neruda! (copacetic price - $3.00).  Imagine a 1960 pre-superhero Marvel (Amazing Adventures, Strange Tales, etc.) done by a stoned Dan Clowes, and you'll begin to get an idea.  This smash-'em-up issue has the same big monsters and the same bungling government officials, but May has substituted ex-hippies, pouting punks and slacker hot-rodders in place of the scientist heroes.  It's crazy, man!

And, we were able to restock the latest minis from the one and only Kevin HuizengaSermons (copacetic price - $1.00 ), The Feathered Ogre (copacetic price - 50¢), and Untitled (copacetic price - $1.50).  If you missed these the first time around, don't let them slip through your fingers this time, because chances are we won't have them agian.

Learn more about all the great work that we couldn't get (because it's not available for wholesale to stores such as ours) at the best online site for self-published comics, www.usscatastrophe.com.

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Sparkplug Comics

Christina and CharlesThe big book from these guys this year is Austin English's Christina and Charles, an all new graphic novel in the same format pioneered by Orchid, Sparkplug's SPX entry from a couple years back.  This time around, however, it's printed in
full color, to capture every nuance of a story that has been drawn using only Prismacolor colored pencils in order to accentuate its childlike qualities! 
retail price - $10.00  copacetic price - $8.50

Also on hand was a 16 page preview for a forthcoming graphic novel by Alixoopulos, titled Mine Tonight.  Although this preview sports a $1.00 price tag, we are able to offer it to Copacetic customers free of charge, just for asking, through the good graces of Sparkplug proprietor Dylan Williams.  Thanks, Dylan!   Learn more about his fine outfit at www.sparkplugcomicbooks.com.

While not published by Sparkplug, we picked up Zack Soto's hand printed edition of The Secret Voice (not to be confused with his comic of the same name forthcoming from AdHouse Books), so we're listing it here.  This nice, 36-page, digest size piece has a swell sillk-screened cover and  collects odds and ends from the last three years, clearing the runway for the takeoff of his new AdHouse series.  Good luck, Zack!
copacetic price - $4.00

Also purchased at the Sparkplug table is Service Industry  by T. Edward Bak, a super-swell 28-page semi-legal-size comic book printed half in B & W and half in full color.  Service Industry is an articulate, thoughtful and well rendered piece that is as accomplished a work of hueristic comics -- a rarity, we can assure you -- that you are likely to find.  It is easily Bak's best published work to date.  Recommended.
copacetic price - $5.00

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Jamie Tanner
This guy is a one man comic book factory.  Solid design, controlled pencils and a steady inking hand combine to reveal a somewhat morbid sensibility that lies somewhere between Edward Gorey and Carl Barks (that didn't help much, did it?).  Here's a heaping helping of hand-made comics:

These are all mini-comic size (4 1/4" x 5 1/2"); 24 - 40 pages + covers; these are vertical format:
Barry Pago, Crime Scene Photographer
The Patron
The Quiet Bird-Man

and these are horizontal:
Island of the Bears
copacetic price - $3.00@

Always in Love & Other Stories of Death and/or Dismemberment
This one's a digest size (5 1/2" x 8") collection running a wopping 64 pages + cover.  It contains eleven pieces, of which we would like to single out the biographical piece on Egon Schiele originally executed for the 2002 SPX Anthology for special praise. 
copacetic price - $5.00

More details at:  www.jamietanner.com

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These folks at this NYC-based collective don't hold back when it comes to production.  All these works have hand silk-screened covers despite relatively large production runs.  Check in at www.partykausa.com.

Paping #10
This one's a 48-page digest-size comic book with a silk-screened cover and a little bit of everything on the inside.
copacetic price - $4.00

Paping #11

This is a 64-page magazine size anthology featuring the work of a dozen artists working in a very broad range of styles, from the rough to the fine, each showing the artist's diligent application -- there's no slackers here.
copacetic price - $7.00

See How Pretty,
See How Smart #3 & #4

Two more magazine-size anthologies drawn from the corpus of the same group of artists as Paping.  The quality of the work is of equally high quality to that in Paping, only the reproduction of the interior is photocopied rather than printed by offset press, and so is a notch off.  The cover to #3, a team effort by Zak Smith and Sara Edward-Corbett, is jammin', to say the least.
copacetic price - $5.00@

See Saw
by Sara Edward-Corbett
This one has to be seen to be fully appreciated.  Hand silk-screened cover; hand sewn binding; a sewn in back pocket sporting an umbrella carrying duck holds a fully illustrated folded-paper fortune-teller; all in the service of collecting 33 finely rendered single page strips that originally appeared in The New York Press in 2004-05.  One of the nicest pieces at the show.
copacetic price - o/s

Vengeance at Cackling Mountain
by Shawn Cheng
Black ink printing on black paper.  Won't work, right?  Wrong!  This book creates a darker night by  being printed on black construction paper, in black ink with hand seperated color that captures the harsh lit glare of an isolated illumination source.  This may be a first.
copacetic price - o/s

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Dongery Publications
All hail the mighty denizens of Norway!  What we have here are a big pile of wild and witty
and weird comics created by a band of young men from Norway who are clearly tapped in to some sort of zeitgeist from somewhere.  We're not sure what sort or from whence it arrives, but we're pretty sure it all has something to do with hormones, and arrive it does in full blown zaniness.  While you're waiting to get a hold of these, content yourself with a visit to:  www.dongery.no

OK, here's the list of Dongery titles:

• Back to Lisboa III
Crazy wrap-around fold-out full-color cover; insert.  You need this!
copacetic price (sorry, sold out)

• Car Crash
The title pretty much says it all on this one; includes Norwegian/English/Portugese pocket translator!
copacetic price - (sorry, sold out)

• Dogerty - English Edition
Includes Big Bad Babylon Battle Beef.
copacetic price (sorry, sold out)

• English Conversation
by Flu Hartberg
This one is actually a pretty straight forward comic book about (youthful fantasies of) young love... and sex; well done, too
copacetic price (sorry, sold out)

• Friends For Fighting
Featuring the wacky adventures of Duncan and Folino.
copacetic price (sorry, sold out)

• The Front Page NR1
Tonka, Bronka, Lonka; Neverty, Qwerty, Powerty; and the world's largest knee
copacetic price (sorry, sold out)

• GOGO: A Very Nice Gliding Session
by Kris Kjølberg
An 80-page horizontal mini-comic featuring the epic glide of Duncan!  Go Go, indeed.
copacetic price (sorry, sold out)

• The Greedy Story of Six Hungry Men

by Bendik Von Kaltenborn
A narrative comic book about drinking, fighting, hunting and naked men.
copacetic price - $3.00

Well, there are a few more around here someplace, but they seem to be hiding...

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Robot Publishing Co.
This group travelled all the way from Pasadena, CA to share their wares.  Once we saw what they had to offer we understood why they went to the trouble.  They have a large line of nicely produced minis with full color cardstock covers and duo-tone interiors that are bargain priced at only $2.00 each!  In addition they have a new line of slightly larger and longer minis that sport glossy duo-tone covers and B & W interiors and sell for $3.00.  It's hard to find a simple over-arching description for all these, but all the artists seem to share a zany, worldly sense of humor that they strive to communicate in pen and ink on paper.  Here are the titles:

Bashi Bazouk by Michael Daedalus Kenny
Binibus Barnabus by Robert Goodin
C. Spinoza's Pacho Clokey by Nate Gruenwald
The Envelope Licker by Anthony Vukojevich
Howdy Pardner by Andrew Brandou
How to Find God in Household Objects by Cathy Malkasian
In the Sea by Joy Kolitsky
Pater Contrarius by Cathy Malkasian
Pumpkin by Jennifer Yuh Nelson
copacetic price - $2.00@

3 Comics by Joy Kolitsy, Michael Kenny & Jen Yuih Nelson
aprés shampooing by Robert Goodin
(sold out)
Little Miss Mess by Cathy Malkasian
Pig's Missing Poo by Robert Goodin
(sold out)
copacetic price - $3.00@

You can check out some of these fine comics at:  www.robertgoodin.com/shop2.html

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Pittsburgh Self-Publishes, Too!

While we're on the subject of geographical locales, let's get closer to home and highlight the work of the talented Pittsburghers at this year's SPX. 

In the cat-bird seat this year was Ed Piskor, accompanying Harvey Pekar at the Guest of Honor's table.  In case you're wondering why, Ed is currenly hard at work pencilling and inking Harvey's  next project, a full-length graphic novel about (we think) Macedonia!  You can check Ed's work out right now in American Splendor: Our Movie Year, as well as in Ed's own Deviant Funnies, the first two issues of which are currently available at the
copacetic price of $3.00@

Curt Gettman and his posse were out in force to promote Unicorn Mountain, an amazing agglomeration of art, comics, literature and music (it comes with a full length CD!) by Pittsburgh creators that's now in stock -
copacetic price - $12.00.

Paulette Poullet was on hand distributing copies of the second issue of her sketchbook diary series, Life's a Cakewalk, which features a month in the life of the artist, in this instance March 2005.

Pat Lewis had his latest, Abominable, a 48-page digest-size mini described as
"a horrifying comedy" that features -- yes, you guessed it -- the abominable snowman, but with a novel cast of supporting characters and more than a few twists: copacetic price - $4.50  Check out this and more at:  http://www.lunchbreakcomics.com/

Of course, SPX veterans Jim Rugg and Jasen Lex were manning their table.  Jim sold out of the trade paperback edition of his popular Street Angel comic book series in a matter of hours, but we have it here if you haven't got around to getting your copy yet:
copacetic price - $12.70  Jasen expected to premiere his new full color series from Antarctic Press, Science Fair, at the show, but an unexpected delay on the publisher's end threw a monkey wrench into his plans and he was left empty handed.  Bummer!  But it's out now and looks great!  We have the first two issues in stock: copacetic price - $2.50Learn more about Rugg and Lex at http://www.awefulbooks.com/

But that's not all.  As an added bonus, we're lucky enough to still have a small stack remaining of the Pittsburgh posse's jam comic, Marvel Gang Bang, a 32-page digest-size mini filled with homages and parodies of Marvel™ characters by Pat Lewis, Anne Moffa, Ed Piskor, Paulette Poullet and Tom Scioli -- who turns in a great piece on Ikaris of The Eternals™ in his patented Kirbyesque style -- along with covers by Mark Zingarelli and Jim Rugg; and best of all it's
FREE!  All you have to do is ask for it by name.

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Political and Social Commentary Cartoonists Self-Publish, Too:

Idiot Box: A Pamphlete for Torture Enthusiasts
Idiot Box: The Sluts of Guantanamo Bay

by Matt Bors
These two 40-page collections of single -page multi-panel, narrative, political cartoons engage in what is more than llikely the most extreme sarcasm currently available on the market.  Use with caution.  New strip every Monday at:  www.mattbors.com
copacetic price - $3.00@ or both for $5.00

Big Fat Whale: The Lonely Captain's Erotic Scrimshaw
Big Fat Whale's Sea Anomie

by Brian McFadden
These two volumes -- 24 pages and 40 pages, respectively -- concentrate on rendering the mundane absurd, employing a variety of visual strategies derived in part from Ruben Bolling and Tom Tomorrow, but original nonetheless. See for yourself at:  www.bigfatwhale.com
copacetic price - $4.00@ or both for $6.95

Lulu Eightball
by Emily Flake
This is a 96-page squarebound book, collecting ninety of Ms. Flakes quirky and original  one-pagers that run in a select few newsweeklies.  Check some out at:  www.eflakeagogo.com
retail price - $10.00  copacetic price - $8.00

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Drew Weing and Eleanor Davis teamed up with a swell display of fine, hand-crafted comics:

untitled by Drew Weing -  28 page mini with silk-screened cardstock cover
copacetic price - $3.00

Blar by Drew Weing - 20 page horizontal mini with unique die-cut cardstock cover
copacetic price -  (sorry, sold out! - we'll try to get more)


I've Lost My Spots by Eleanor Davis - A mini-classic children's book disguised as a mini-comic.  Nicely done!
copacetic price (sorry, sold out)

Slow Form To Roll by Eleanor Davis -  This is the first comic book in scroll form that we've come across.  It is composed of four long scrolls of varying length which are made by sewing together strips of paper, each tightly rolled and bound with string and then sealed in a plastic bag.  Totally unique! 
copacetic price (sorry, sold out)

The Doing Fine Collection by Eleanor Davis - This is a slip-cased edition of three exquisitely produced, hand crafted micro comics:  The Discovery, The Duck  and Mr. Bloomberg Finds True Love.
copacetic price -  (sorry, sold out! - we'll try to get more)


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Strawberry Comics
This company produces a full line of excellent quality shojo manga
(read The Comics Journal #269 to learn more), and they've been at quite awhile now, as evidenced by the mega-website at: www.strawberrycomics.com

Prophecy of Destiny
by A.N. Ferguson and Gina Biggs
Girls meets boy, girl loses boy, girl gets boy only to lose boy again... but there's always hope, if only the boy would wise up!  This is classic shojo served up small press style.  It's well done and eminently readable. 
Volume One collects the first six issues in a swell 176-page tpb
retail price - $12.95@  copacetic price - $10.00
The story continues in #7 - #9 copacetic price - $2.00@

TV Circuit by Robin A Sobolewski -  Life behind the scenes at a Tokyo TV news room, shojo style. 
copacetic price - $2.00

Red String #1 by Gina Biggs -- This is a new series and looks like the best one yet!
copacetic price - $2.00

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Just Mad Books

Happy Town
by Justin Madson
Justin has been ploughing away at this epic for quite a number of years now.  He's published 12 issues under his prsonal Just Mad Books imprint, and has now collected these issues in two fat,  handmade, digest-size collections collecting six issues each.  Happy Town is not an easy project to describe, but it deals with a sort of scientific/SF vision of the battle over the soul between heaven and hell that connects somehow to contemporary feelings of alienation and disconnection.  To get a better idea, visit www.justmadbooks.com.  The issue/chapter titles should provide you with a bit more insight.

Book One
This collects issues 1 - 6 ( Lost Gravity; Magic; Monsters; Faith; Intrigue; Snowfall) and runs 222 pages.
retail price - $10.00  copacetic price - $9.00

Book Two
This volume collects issues 7 - 12 (Buried; Synthetics; Floaters; Destiny; Footprints; Flight) and runs 287 pages. 
retail price - $12.00  copacetic price - $10.80

Sorrel #1 & 2
by Justin Madson
This is Madson's latest project and tells the story of an isolated and lonely young woman.
retail price - $4.00@  copacetic price - $3.60@ or both for $5.95 ¡SPX special!

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True Loves #1 - 5

by Jason Turner & Manien Bothma
A nice series of slice of life stories, 32 pages per issue.  Simple, bold color covers, B & W photocopy interior.
retail price - $3.00@  copacetic price - $2.00@

Don't Eat the Electric Sheep #1 - 4
by Joe Flood
This is a full on science fiction, adventure, funny animal, horror, standard format comic book series.  Yes, that's right:  this one has it all!
retail price - $3.95@  copacetic price - $3.00@

Heartbreak # 1 - 3
by Nick Destefano & Jonathan Rivera
This is a standard format comic book series that focuses on the lives and loves of tormented twenty-somethings.   The turf covered here will be familiar to readers of Alex Robinson's Box Office Poison, Bob Fingerman's Minimum Wage Love, and Terry Moore's Strangers in Paradise.
retail price - $3.00@  copacetic price - $2.50@
set of #1 - 3: copacetic price - $4.95 ¡SPX special!

What can we say about a comic book that's this far out?  Well, for starters, it's a hand numbered limited edition of 100 copies, it runs 20 magazine-sized pages, its sewn-on cover is
hand silk-screened in garish fluorescent color, and you pretty much have to see it to understand, but you might get some hints at:  www.sakuramaku.com.
copacetic price - sold out

Eye of the Majestic Creature
by Leslie Anne Mackenzie Stein
Sixteen newsprint pages of all new trippy stoner girl comics!  Nice clean line drawing style.  Tubular!
copacetic price - $1.00

OMG! I Heart Becky!!!

by Lauren Weinstein
This magazine-size mini-comic presents 20 pages of highly idiosyncratic comics and four pages transcribed from a Morrisey message board (you'll understand once you read the story in question).  Birds, insects, cats and (mostly) girls fill the pages of the eight stories presented in this bargain basement priced issue.
copacetic price - $2.00

The Dvorak Zine
by Alec Longstreth
This is the latest work by the creator of this year's Ignatz Award winner for Outstanding Minicomic, Phase 7 (of which we still have a few copies left from last year's SPX).  It's a 24-page comic book about... typewriter keyboards!  Specifically, the Dvorak simplified keyboard (become a convert at www.DVzine.org).   You gotta love it.  And it's a deal! 
copacetic price - $1.00

Smaller Parts
by Grant Reynolds (who's "lived in more apartments than years he's been alive")
This is a pretty slick40-page 7 1/2" square production that's professionally offset printed and saddle-stitched in Canada.  Fans of John Hankewicz and Anders Nilsen should check this out. 
copacetic price - $4.00

The Four Husbands
by Matt Wiegle
This is a full length comics adaptation of an Igulik eskimo tale.  It's long (too many pages to count) it's printed and bound in a horizontal format, so when you open it it reads four square panels across throughout.  Looks good.  One left!
copacetic price - $5.00

by Justin Hall
A special digest-size mini-comic edition of True Travel Tales (of which four full-fledged issues are curently available and in stock here at Copacetic), the highlight of which is the title story of one person's own true story of living through last years terrible tsunami.  Two more tales, along with a handful of anecdotes and observations round out this 20-page issue.  Justin's web HQ is:  www.allthumbspress.com.
retail price - $3.00  copacetic price - $2.00 ¡SPX special!

Only in San Francisco
by Justin Hall
"A big gay mini-comic," is what it says on the cover, and you won't get any arguments from us about truth in advertising on this one.  The lead story details the tells the tale of what transpires one evening after three guys meet up at "the only gay bar that plays The Stooges."  As an added bonus, there are eight one-pagers featuring "Glamazonia, The Uncanny Super Tranny."  Sorry kids, this one's adults only.
retail price - $3.00  copacetic price - $2.00 ¡SPX special!

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The Drama #5 & #6
This is a new-to-us, squarebound, 9" x 9", 88 page, full color quarterly publication from Richmond, VA that is gorgeously designed and printed, quite reasonably priced, and filled from cover to cover with art, photography, cool reviews, interviews and... comics!  New work by Marc Bell and Ron Rege -- among many others -- appear in each issue.  Will appeal to readers of the Ganzfeld & Arthur, among others.  Learn more at www.thedrama.org.
retail price - $5.95@  copacetic price - $5.35@

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You Aint No DancerYou Ain't No Dancer
an anthology edited by Ed Brisson
This has to be the best value at the show.  It features almost two dozen short pieces by a host of talented comics creators like Pittsburgh ex-pat Neil Babra, Jeffrey Brown, Hope Larson, Jim Mahfood, Bryan Lee O'Malley, Drew Weing, and many others; the cover at left is by the one and only Dave Cooper. 
Ranging in length from one to seven pages -- with most weighing in at four to six pages -- these stories run the gamut from giddy and goofy to serious and sad to cute and heartfelt, and more.  If you feel overwhelmed by all the choices available to you from this year's SPX Bonanza, your best bet is to go for this one and/or the SPX Anthology (see below).  We'll let you know more about it soon.  We can say one thing for sure:  this 100-page anthology is a great deal!  Meanwhile, check out the full  contributor list HERE.

retail price - $5.95
price - $5.00

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2005 SPX Anthology
Edited by Brian Ralph
It's a fairly safe bet to say that this is the best anthology since 2001.  We'll say more once we've givin it the once over.


SPX 2005    •      Kevin Sherry
    •      Allison Cole and Eric Paul
    •      Jordan Crane
    •      Federico Reggiani and Angel Mosquito
    •      Rina Ayuyang
    •      Kaz Strzepek
    •      Matt Rota
    •      Max Estes
    •      Peter Hamlin
    •      Jeff Sharp
    •      Dave Lapp
    •      Sara Varon
    •      Greg Cook
    •      Melody Nadia Shickley
    •      Bendik Kaltenborn and Kristoffer Kjolberg
    •      Leif Goldberg
    •      Sindre W. Goksoyr
    •      Scott Morse
    •      Martin Cendreda
    •      Damien Jay
    •      Jesse Reklaw
    •      N. U. Bertozzi
    •      Luke Ramsey
    •      Joe Derry
    •      Brendan Burford
    •      C. Cilla
    •      Jennifer Janviere
    •      Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca
    •      Brian Chippendale
    •      Scott Campbell
    •      Ben Jones
    •      Jeff Czekaj
    •      Marc Bell / Peter Thompson
    •      Vinh Ngo
    •      Maris Wicks

retail price - $12.95
copacetic price - $10.00

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And, finally, here are the winners of this year's Ignatz Awards, all of which are in stock and on sale here at the Copacetic Comics Company:

2005 Ignatz Award Winners

OUTSTANDING ARTIST -- David B., Epileptic (Pantheon), Babel (Drawn & Quarterly)
>>>  Epileptic retail price - $24.95  copacetic price - $21.20
>>>  Babel retail price - $9.95  copacetic price - $7.95
OUTSTANDING ANTHOLOGY OR COLLECTION -- Diary of a Mosquito Abatement Man, John Porcellino (La Mano)
>>>retail price - $12.00  copacetic price - $10.00
OUTSTANDING GRAPHIC NOVEL-- Persepolis 2: The Story of a Return, Marjane Satrapi (Pantheon)
>>>retail price - $16.95  copacetic price - $15.25

OUTSTANDING STORY -- Dogs and Water, Anders Nilsen (Drawn and Quarterly)
>>>retail price - $9.95  copacetic price - $8.95
PROMISING NEW TALENT -- Andy Runton, Owly (Top Shelf Productions)
>>>Owly, Volume One and Volume Two:  retail price - $10.00@    copacetic price - $8.50@

OUTSTANDING SERIES -- Finder, Carla Speed McNeil (Lightspeed Press)
>>>all seven TPB collections are available for the copacetic price of 10% off
OUTSTANDING COMIC -- Or Else #1, Kevin Huizenga (Drawn & Quarterly)
>>>retail price - $3.50  copacetic price - sold out
OUTSTANDING MINICOMIC -- Phase 7, Alec Longstreth (Self-published)
>>>retail price - $3.00 - $5.00  copacetic price - $2.70 - $4.50
OUTSTANDING ONLINE COMIC -- The Perry Bible Fellowship, Nicholas Gurewitch (http://www.thepbf.com)
OUTSTANDING DEBUT NOMINEES -- Will You Still Love Me If I Wet The Bed?, Liz Prince (Top Shelf Productions)
>>>retail price - $7.00   copacetic price - $5.00


As always, this show is overwhelming and we never manage to get a hold of everything we mean to.  There are a handful of creators whose table we stopped and and expressed interest but then ran out of time and/or money before we manged to get back and add their wares to our haul.  Any SPX creators reading this who don't see their work listed are encouraged to contact us and inquire whether we want their work. It's also possible that we DID buy your work , but sold out of it before we had a chance to list it here, in which case we definitely want more!

Can't stop reading about self-published small press comics?  Browse pages of SPX past!  Please be aware, however, that many if not most of the self-published comics on these pages may no longer be available (feel free to call or write for a status report, if you're interested in a particular item): 

SPX 2004
SPX 2003

And then there's our general page on self-published & small press comics:

And, if you REALLY want to get in depth coverage on comics from SPX and beyond , there's no better place on the internet for learning about the world of self-published comics than Shawn Hoke's SIZE MATTERS: The Mini Comics Blog.  You'll be book-marking this one for sure!

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