What we are offering here is the complete collected Buddy Bradley Saga by Peter Bagge.  This is ALL the material from the ENTIRE RUN of Hate comics published by Fantagraphics, collected in two trade paperback collections.  We  are offering this run for a mere fraction of their original cost.

Buddy Does
Buddy Does Seattle
by Peter Bagge
Collecting the first fifteen issues of Hate, P. Bagge's misanthropic masterpiece -- all of which were set in Seattle, and all of which are herein collected in their original black & white -- this 336 page volume defines an era.  It's a true classic of comics and it's a bargain:  this edition prices out to less than a dollar a comic, less than half the cost of the original comics; a third of the price of the previous cost of purchasing these issues in collected form!
retail price - $14.95  copacetic price - $12.70

Buddy Does Jersey
by Peter Bagge
Buddy Does
                        JerseySubtitled, "The Complete Buddy Bradley Stories from 'Hate' Comics, Vol. II (1994 - '98)" this 352 page book finishes what Buddy Does Seattle began, namely collecting the all 30 issues of Bagge's run of Hate.  A  definitive -- and caustically funny -- account of the coming of age of the 1990s Alt. scene, Hate -- picking up where Bagge's initial comics project, Neat Stuff, left off -- chronicled Buddy's trek from his parents' suburban New Jersey home to the burgeoning Seattle scene and then back again.  This volume contains the entirety of the "back again" part which originally appeared in Hate #16 - 30.  Starting off with Buddy and his gal pal Lisa getting off the Turnpike and following their ever whackier hi-jinx -- and those of their splendid and seedy supporting cast -- ending with them... well, that would be giving it away.  Suffice it to say that these comics are the single truest depiction of the demographic they represent that has yet to be produced in any medium.  If you have yet to get around to reading these comics, now there's simply no excuse. 
retail price - $14.95  copacetic price - $12.70

Complete Hate Super Special = > Both Volumes (collecting all thirty issues):
retail price - $29.90  copacetic special price - $24.25

These are now long gone... BUT
– We DO, however, right now have a super special on the complete hardcover slipcase edition of Neat Stuff, Peter Bagge’s earlier series, where Buddy and the rest of the Bradleys all first appeared, here:

The books are large, magazine size, just like the original issues.

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