An Anthology of Graphic Fiction, Cartoons, and True Stories
edited by Ivan Brunetti
(Volume 2 now available!)

Brunetti Yale Anthology

This is an awesome anthology and a worthy successor to McSweeney's 13 as the must have comics collection of the foreseeable future.  Brunetti goes all out to offer us a definitive picture of the power and range of the form with the 400 pages of comics here on display.  The contents range far and wide as the list of creators below amply demonstrates.  A moveable feast, indeed.   With but a sprinkling of exceptions -- nods to a select handful of progressive progenitors -- all the work herein contained was produced during the last twenty-five years. 

What we have in this anthology is an attempt by Brunetti to forge a (OK, well, his) comics canon where it is the form itself that is always at the heart of the work represented.  The work we find here -- while, of course, being comics -- is also, at some level, telling us something about comics, and this latter value-added feature can be attributed in no small part to Brunetti's editorial approach in assembling this work, which he clearly views as an organic whole.  Each artist represented in this collection has a distinct and original approach to the medium that embodies their personal interaction with the comics form as well as -- and this is where this anthology is unique -- with each other piece in the book.  This book is organized around the principal of association.  The pieces are grouped in clusters that are related in a wide variety of ways, from the form and content of the work to the geographic region and ethnicity of the creators.  Brunetti tips his hand right at the outset by starting with the raw, unbridled, free-associative works of Marc Bell, Sam Henderson, Mark Newgarden, Kaz, Tony Millionaire and Bill Griffith (who all, with the exception of Bell, have NYC connections as well).  This approach yields many surprising and unexpected connections as well as much that that proceeds in due course. 

This is the perfect book to share with those poor lost souls who still feel compelled to look down their noses at comics due to childhood brainwashing or simple lack of exposure.  The fact that it is published by no less than Yale University -- the alma mater of the last 3 presidents  -- should  cause them to at least open their eyes a bit, at which point we feel confident that the material contained herein will shine a light into the dark, comics-snubbing corner of their being and illuminate their ignorance, and thereby open them to the potential of a nourishing, life-long relationship with the power and wonder of comics. 

Here's the Brunetti Pantheon (in alphabetical order, natch'):

Whew!  That's quite a list.

It's worth pointing out that Schulz's contribution is his 1959 essay, "How to Develop a Comic Strip," that was originally published by Art Instruction, Inc.  And, no, Daniel Raeburn isn't a comics artist in his other identity (although, then again, maybe he is...): his contribution is an excerpt of his essay on Clowes that constitutes The Imp No.1, and it provides a fitting close to this anthology.

 400 p., 7 3/8 x 10
 ISBN: 0300111703
 ISBN-13: 978-0-300-11170-5
 embossed cloth cover w/swell wraparound DJ by Seth

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Yale Anthology 2Anthology of Graphic Fiction, Cartoons, and True Stories:  Volume Two
edited by Ivan Brunetti
It's too early to say for certain, but this follow-up volume, also published by Yale University Press, might just be even better than its precursor.  One thing's for certain:  Brunetti has held onto -- and further refined -- his editorial vision of arranging the work contained in this volume in an organic sequence, deftly managing to map out the similarities between artists so that each piece flows smoothly into into the other, creating an amazing sense of an innate connectivity between all areas of comics here on display.  This book is a powerful ally in the struggle to bring the light of comics to those poor souls still dwelling in the darkness.  It's the perfect choice to turn on a friend or relative to the joy, beauty and pleasures of our favorite medium.  Hold onto your hats, here's the contributor list:  Dan Clowes, Saul Steinberg, Sammy Harkham, Chris Ware, R. Sikoryak, Michael Kupperman, Drew Friedman, Mark Beyer, Mack White, Jayr Pulga, Renee French, Kim Deitch, Richard Sala, J. Bradley Johnson, Archer Prewit, Anonymous (utility sketchbook), HJ Tuthill, Milt Gross, Bill Holman, Harvey Kurtzman, R.Crumb, Basil Wolverton, Art Spiegelman, Jess, John Hankiewicz, Tim Hensley, Bill Griffith, Richard McGuire, Gilbert Hernandez, Jim Woodring, David Collier, Eugene Teal, Charles Burns, Karl Wirsum, Gary Panter, Paper Rad, Fletcher Hanks, CF, Charles Forbell, Ron Rege, Jr., Winsor McCay, Matthew Thurber, Souther Salazar, Kevin Scalzo, Megan Kelso, James McShane, Laura Park, Vanessa Davis, Onsmith, Joe Matt, Jeffrey Brown, Martin Cendreda, Dave Kiersh, John Porcellino, Carrie Golus/Patrick Welch, Jessica Abel, Cole Johnson, Lynda Barry, Debbie Drechsler, Diane Noomin, Aline Kominsky-Crum, Ariel Bordeaux, Chester Brown, Anders Nilsen, Joe Sacco, Phoebe Gloeckner, Elinore Norflus, Brian Chippendale, Leif Goldberg, David Mazzuchelli, Jerry Moriarty, Ben Katchor, Frank Santoro, Dan Zettwoch, Kevin Huizenga, Harvey Pekar/R.Crumb, Carol Tyler, Maurice Vellekoop, Seth, Adrian Tomine, Jaime Hernandez & David Heatley.  It's simply amazing.  Comics Power! 
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