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The Best American Comics 2007

Chris Ware, Editor

Anne Elizabeth Moore, Series Editor
David Heatley, Dust Jacket and Covers

2006 marked the entry of Comics into the perennial Houghton Mifflin Best American Series™.  As much as we enjoyed that initial, Harvey Pekar edited volume, we have to say that it is surpassed by this year's jam-packed edition.  From Lynda Barry to Dan Zettwoch and everything inbetween, this volume provides us with a a fabulous selection of excellent comics in an attractive well produced package at an affordable price. 

While -- as Chris Ware makes eminently clear in his excellent introduction -- it is certainly hard to make any sort of definitive argument that these are "the best" American comics of 2007, we are quite confident that no Copacetic customer will be disappointed with the 340 pages of comics herein assembled.  It is true that Copacetic regulars may find that they already own  much of what appears here, but few if any will have read it all and most will discover exciting new work and be introduced to talented comics creators.  And, Chris Ware's introduction is, in and of itself, a rare treat as he manages to incorporate into the standard "introduction" of the creators he has chosen to fill this anthology his own musings on what, exactly, defines comics and in the process articulates much of the current debate in this area along with a rough statement of where he stands and what the view is like from there.  Also, the preface by Anne Elizabeth Moore, the editor of the entire Best American™ series for publisher Harper & Row, is amazingly well informed and as such serves as one of the clearest signs yet that comics has at last been wholly embraced by the American literary establishment as a legitmate form; a member of the family, so to speak.  Welcome home, we say.

Check out the amazing contributor list, below:

    ▪     Lynda Barry
    ▪     Alison Bechdel
    ▪     Gabrielle Bell
    ▪     Jonathan Bennett
    ▪     Jeffrey Brown
    ▪     Ivan Brunetti
    ▪     Charles Burns
    ▪     C.F.
    ▪     R. and Aline Crumb
    ▪     Sophie Crumb
    ▪     Vanessa Davis
    ▪     Kim Deitch
    ▪     Sammy Harkham
    ▪     David Heatley
    ▪     Tim Hensley
    ▪     Gilbert Hernandez
    ▪     Kevin Huizenga
    ▪     Ben Katchor
    ▪     Miriam Katin
    ▪     Jerry Moriarty
    ▪     Anders Nilsen
    ▪     Gary Panter
    ▪     Paper Rad
    ▪     John Porcellino
    ▪     Ron Regé Jr.
    ▪     Seth
    ▪     Art Spiegelman
    ▪     Adrian Tomine
    ▪     C. Tyler
    ▪     Lauren Weinstein
    ▪     Dan Zettwoch

All we have to say to that is, "WOW!"

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