Teratoid HeightsTeratoid Heights
by Mat Brinkman

Along with Brian Chippendale, Mat Brinkman was at the core of the Fort Thunder music and arts scene that grew to become an influential  movement.  Teratoid Heights is, along with Chippendale's Ninja, one of the two major published works that have thus far emerged from the ferment of Fort Thunder.  It is a one of a kind item that should be considered essential for any one interested in experiencing the artistic endeavors of Fort Thunder in comics form.  Brinkman is a true original and Teratoid Heights provides readers with the single greatest exposition of his unique pictoral language.

To learn more about this work -- and for a better understanding of Fort Thunder in general -- we strongly encourage you to read Chris Lanier's excellent, in-depth review.

Well, we've sold out yet again.  We're always on the lookout for more, so there's at least a chance we'll be able to get our hands on additional copies in the future.    If you'd like us to contact you should we locate further copies, just send us an email at query@copacetic.biz and say "I need Teratoid Heights!"

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