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Stuck in the Middle

17 Comics from an Unpleasant Age
edited by Ariel Schrag

 The "joys" of middle school are displayed here in all their angst-filled glory.  Ms. Schrag has managed to recruit an impressive array of comics talent to turn in 200 pages of teen turmoil, and, on top of that, to convince the venerable Viking publishing house to release it.  Included in this zit-poppin' anthology are works by Gabrielle Bell, Ariel Bordeaux, Robyn Chapman, Daniel Clowes, Vanessa Davis, Nick Eliopulos, Eric Enright, Jim Hoover, Cole Johnson, Joe Matt, Jace Smith, Aaron Renier, Ariel Schrag (2), Tania Schrag, Dash Shaw & Lauren Weinstein.  While the Dan Clowes and Joe Matt are reprints of previously published material, all the rest was, to the best of our knowledge, produced specifically for this anthology and is appearing here for the first time.  The stories cover typical teen concerns, but especially focus on the alienated outsider (which pretty much defines just about anyone at some point in their teenage years).  This is a book about teens that is both suitable for and will appeal to those currently in middle school, as well as those who have passed through and lived to tell the tale.  Here's a book you won't have to go out of your way to get a teen to read.  Special Bonus:  the Junior High photos of the contributors included in the biographical information at the back of the book may very well be worth the entire price of the book.  You may find yourself tempted to cut out your favorite and put it on your refreigerator (or in your wallet).

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