Skibber Bee-ByeSkibber Bee-Bye
by Ron Rege, Jr.

FINALLY!  Back in print at last, after a comedy of errors led to a delay of nearly a year!  Ron Rege's mammoth masterwork has received the deluxe Drawn and Quarterly treatment in a brand new edition that sports a stitched binding and flexi-cover (similar to the most recent Kramers Ergot) for years of reading pleasure.  This is a singular work that really has few if any analogs in the annals of comics; it makes for  an intense reading experience.  If you're looking for comics that challange your view of reality, you need look no further than Skibber Bee-Bye.

To learn more, read the excellent and informative review by Chris Lanier in The High Hat.

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Also from Ron Regé. Jr. - The Awake Field - recommended!

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