Nobrow 6


edited & designed by Sam Arthur & Alex Spiro

Look no further, the brain blasting book to beat is here.  Nobrow 6 is a double dose of doppelganger doubling that takes full advantage of the 69 format.  64 double page spreads each tackle this issue's theme of "The Double".  Start with Tom Gauld's cover for the "Comics" side and then, when you reach the center pivot, Robert Hunter's "Anchor Point," you flip the book over mid-strip and then continue with the "Illustration" side, concluding with Gwenola Carrere's cover; or vice versa, if you prefer.  The fabulous flat planar color of the Nobrow house style is in full effect throughout, and is, as always, an æsthetic treat.  The real thrill here comes from the integration of comics into Nobrow's flagship title.  Here's our vote for it's continuance.  Contributors include Kevin Huizenga, Michael DeForge, Joseph Lambert, Luke Pearson, Blanquet, and many other fine comickers, including the pole star in the Nobrow firmament, Jon McNaught.  Make sure you pick this up and look through it.  You won't want to put it down. 

retail price - $24.00 
price - $24.00

And, while we're at it, we should let you know that we have the first five issues of Nobrow back in stock; at a lower price than previously, courtesy of their new US distribution arrangements.

NB1  NB2  NB3  NB4  NB5 

Nobrow 1 - 5
tail price - $17.50@ 
price - $17.50@

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