NoBrow 7
editing, art direction and design: 
Sam Arthur and Alex Spiro


This is the second of the new NoBrow double-sided, flip-cover format.  Half fabulous doublepage-spread illustration, half way cool four-page comics stories, NoBrow 7 is all good.  This volume's theme is "Brave New World" and all the various interpretations that can be made of that theme.  The comics section is full of surprises, beginning with a
new one-pager by the elusive Joost Swarte it continues with page after muted, flat color page of fresh, new work by the likes of Michael DeForge, Eleanor Davis, Joseph Lambert, Luke Pearson, Jillian Tamaki, Tom Gauld, and many others including yet another stylistic experiment from Anders Nilsen, before finishing up with a dash of continuity in the clever recapitulative pair of "Space Cadet" strips by a new-to-us creator, Andrew Rea, that combines the theme of last issue ("The Double") with this issue's "Brave New World."  On the illustration front, there are thirty vibrant spreads by a group of amazing artists the name of most of whom will be unfamiliar to Copacetic customers – now – but after checking out their work here, they will transformed into names worth remembering.

NoBrow sez:

"Cover (a) by leading Belgian illustrator Sam Vanallemeersch and cover (b) by Heart Agency artist Eda Akaltun, responsible for this year’s fantastic and highly applauded BAFTA artwork.  Featuring 128 pages of full spot colour artwork with over 60 pages of Comics from the leading talents in the field from all over the world as well as 60 pages of the best in contemporary illustration!

Is this our ‘Brave New World’? Have we yet to enter into it? Or are we on the brink of discovering a world entirely separate from ours: alien, parallel, internal? Inspired by the eponymous dystopian novel written by Aldous Huxley in 1931, Nobrow 7 asks 15 internationally renowned cartoonists, each contributing 4 page visual narratives, and 30 star illustrators to interpret the theme ‘Brave New World’.

45 Creative visionaries take on the theme to produce cutting edge comics and illustration in this fantastic large format anthology that has taken the illustration and comics world by storm. With contributions from a group of artists that reads like the guest-list of an illustration/comics super-festival: Joost Swarte (Is That All There Is?, Fantagraphics), Tom Gauld (Goliath, D&Q), Jillian Tamaki (Indoor Voice, Drawn & Quarterly), Luke Pearson (Hilda and the Midnight Giant, Nobrow), Anders Nilsen (Big Questions, D&Q), Joseph Lambert (Winner of Ignatz award categories for ‘Outstanding Anthology or Collection’ and ‘Outstanding Artist’ awards for I Will Bite You), Ethan Rilly, Eda Akaltun, Andrew Rae, Rob Bailey, Henry McCauseland, Domitille Collardey, Michael DeForge, and many, many more, Nobrow 7 will exceed your expectations beyond measure.

Nobrow 7: Brave New World will follow the same vein as Nobrow 6 containing 128 pages of the very best of illustration and comics creating talent out there. With a double cover, the magazine is in fact two magazines rolled into one. We continue to showcase illustration in its own right alongside new narrative art from some of the best practitioners here in the UK as well as from the rest of the world."

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