OK, here's the official KE5 stats:

• Edited by Sammy Harkham, published by Ginkgo Press, and printed and bound in Hong Kong.

• 320, 9" x 11" full color (although several of the submissions are in B & W) pages, bound between flexi, semi-stiff covers by Chris "C.F." Forgues.

• The twenty contributions are by:
> Gabrielle Bell
> Marc Bell
> Matt Brinkman & Neil Burke
> Jordan Crane
> Elvis Studios (Helge Reumann & Xavier Robel)
> Chris Forgues
> Tom Gauld
> Leif Goldberg
> Sammy Harkham
> David Heatley
> Kevin Huizenga
> J. Bradley Johnson
> Anders Nilsen
> Gary Panter
> Paper Rad
> Ron Rege, Jr.
> Souther Salazar
> Fabio Viscogliosi
> Chris Ware
> Dan Zettwoch

Kramers Ergot 5 is one the most anticipated arrivals in the short history of The Copacetic Comics Company, and with good reason.  Kramers Ergot 4 set a precedent, raising expectations for what a comics anthology could accomplish.  Not since Spiegelman & Mouly's RAW twenty years earlier had a comics anthology made such an impact on the cutting edge of new comics.  It is, therefore, quite understandable that hopes were high for KE5.

Well, it's here.  And what is the verdict?  Success!  KE5 is, in every way, a suitable successor to KE4.  We feel quite confident in stating that everyone who enjoyed and/or appreciated KE4 will get at least as much out of KE5.  Not only that, we'll go a step further and proclaim that many of those readers who were intrigued by KE4, but found it a bit "too out there" for their tastes, have an excellent chance of finding that KE5 -- with its addition of stand-out work by Gabrielle Bell, Kevin Huizenga, Chris Ware, and Dan Zettwoch -- has much to offer them, and represents a broader spectrum of comics than its predecessor.  Many fans of autobiographical comics may find that they have finally met their match in David Heatley's "My Sexual History (slightly abridged version)."  This is probably a good moment to mention that KE5 is available for purchase only by those customers aged 21 and over.

We should take a moment to mention also that the binding on KE5 is far superior to that of KE4:  this is a volume that can be read over and over again, lent out to friends and associates, and be carried around in a knapsack, all without without anyone having to worry about pages falling out.

One day we hope to say more about specific pieces (especially the great work delivered by Huizenga and Zettwoch), so if you care to, check back; but for the time being you have our assurances that this is a book that will be enthusiastically pored over by many and much discussed, and that the consensus that emerges is almost certain to be quite positive.  Kramers Ergot 5 is a landmark work that no aficionado of contemporary comics will want to be without.  Should you require further convincing, we recommend that you read this substantial review of KE5 by Shawn Hoke on Past the Front Racks.

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