1977 Star Island Chapel Service

chapel   inside   gazebo
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  1 Getting Ready   Singers prepare to sing first song
  2 Going Down The Valley - Song   Sung while people enter. Listen for the clicking as the lanterns are hung
  3 Marjorie - A Round    
  4 Introduction   Spoken - Sarita & Harry
  5 Hi Ho - A Round    
  6 Haunted   Spoken -Harry
  7 Story by Children  

Spoken -

The children at the conference had written this scary story earlier in the week

  8 Ghost of Tom - A Round    

Mans Live's a Vapor - A Round

  10 Betty Moody   Spoken - Sarita - This presentation is the heart of this service
  11 Guitar    
  12 Haunted - 2   Spoken - Harry
  13 Will the Circle Be Unbroken - Song   Sung as people leave the chapel
  14 Afterwards - Chatter    
  Click for the entire 45 minute service without interruption   Contains all of the parts above