1. Fixed Solutions

  • Fixed Surveillance solutions are the primary focus of our organization. There are several industries that benefit from our fixed monitoring solutions, including auto dealerships, electrical substations, commercial properties, and self-storage facilities both in USA and UK.

2. Mobile Solutions

  • Using fleet of Mobile Surveillance units, we provide virtual monitoring services that are commonly seen guarding construction sites and oil lease gates.

3. Quality & Audit Assurance

  • While ensuring best practices, QAA Team detects and measures the gaps and suggest solutions for improvements in the life cycle of the surveillance process.

4. IT Support

  • To provide remote assistance for Pre-installations and Post-installations

  • IT Health checks and Audits

  • Remote system maintained

5. Software Maintenance Support

  • Implementation and maintenance of applications of the clients.

6. Revenue Audit

The Accounting Department offers a full range of computerized services to alleviate
book keeping and accounting burdens.
  • Accounts receivable: Managing receivables and collections

  • Accounts payable: including paying bills & vendor management

  • Bill reconciliations of month/quarter/year end reports

7. Lead Generation

Value Proposition

By allowing VGS to partner up with your existing and new clients, we will provide the services to help make each partner grow stronger, become more financially profitable which will allow each of them to focus on the activities that count most, SALES.