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SiteGround Coupon Code - Maximum Discount With SiteGround Hosting

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SiteGround Web Hosting - Plans, Coupons & Features

In the fast progressing world of technology and easy methods, people try to avail the least possible difficult ways regarding any matter. Therefore the more accessibility you have in your hand, the least possible difficulties you have to face in this hasty world.

With the advancement of technologies, a lot of such easy and smooth methods have been paved down for the people. One such method is the invention of online coupons for the several hosting plans, joint server plans and others.

One of the biggest organizations implementing these coupons is the SiteGround web hosting company. This company basically, by generating the coupons provides a great deal of discounts to the people wanting to indulge in shared hosting and others.

This company was formed in around 2004. It provides service to over five million domains in the whole world. It also has over four hundred employees working under it. The company provides schemes of cloud hosting and dedicated servers.

By generating the coupon, you will be getting some exclusive discounts in the scheme to avail your purpose with SiteGround. The coupons they generate, usually remains valid for all of their plans of co-hosting.

Therefore at any point of time, when the coupons are being generated, you can use the coupon to avail some great discounts in your way.

In this article, we endeavor to help you use the various SiteGround coupons, how to read them and use the code to get your work done. There is a slight twist in the scheme of using the SiteGround coupons.

The rule is that the discount that you are intending to get is allowed only on the first bill. Therefore try to plan your hosting that will extend up to two to three years to avail the maximum discount.

Surveying carefully through the various websites, you will get all the plans of the SiteGround coupons.

In any case you fail to get the information; we will give you an overview of the various plans of SiteGround - 

SiteGround Hosting Plans:

SiteGround provides three coupon packages all total. These coupon packages are meant for three varieties of people interested in the scheme.

Likewise they are named as GrowBig, StartUp and GoGeek. Amongst these three hosting plans, by far, after a lot of survey, it has been found that GrowBig is the best plan ever. It values money completely.

For the StartUp scheme, the plan is the cheapest till date. The cost of the package is 3.95 USD per month. This plan is recommended for sites having fewer or least needed resources and they usually come with one free domain.

The GrowBig plan provides some great features like SSL certificates for free and super Cacher technologies. Also there are back up technologies for which you really need not to pay. The cost is around 14.95 USD per month. Also there are special promo links attached with this plan and there is one free domain for life.

The GoGeek hosting package is by far their biggest plan. It costs around 29.95 USD per month. This plan is mainly recommended for E-commercial websites. It has the disk size of 30 GB.

How to Use SiteGround Coupon Codes:

It is very easy to get access to the coupons available from the SiteGround’s website. However in case you find any difficulty, we are providing you with a detailed method of using the SiteGround coupons.

Follow these steps to use this discount code:

  1. Your first step will be to visit SiteGround official website.
  2. The next step will be to click on the option on which it will be written ‘Get Our SiteGround Deal’. A new window will appear on your screen.
  3. In the new window, every detail regarding the SiteGround coupon will be displayed. The new window will have a big box containing the advertisements of the discounts and all.

    There will be distinctively written ‘Get Coupon Now’. Also the detailed features and the advantages of the coupons will be given in the lower part of the box.
  4. In the next step, all you have to do is to click on the get Coupon Now option. Hence your sign up process will start.
  5. In this step, you will be at the first of the sign up process at SiteGround. You have to choose your domain.

    You can either choose a new domain or implement an existing domain even if you have purchased the latter from somewhere else. After all these, type the name of the domain and click on the option of ‘Proceed’. Then you will reach the next step.
  6. After the registration of the name of your domain is complete, you will get an order form. Fill up the form with details like your name, contact number, password for your account and payment method.

    Also opt for the other things like whois privacy, backups, security monitoring and premium support. After you have completed everything, you have to click on the ‘Submit order’ to acquire your hosting plan. Thus with this, you are totally prepared to start your own websites and enjoy your term.

SiteGround Hosting Features:

Before you plunge into the SiteGround hosting plans and schemes to start your own website, it is very important for you to know why SiteGround is better than any other such online organizations. So it is better to discuss some of the best features of SiteGround.

  • Faster and easier set up technique. You do not have to struggle through the set up process.
  • The website created is bound to be beautiful with the creative drag and drop procedure provided exclusively by the SiteGround production.
  • There is an exclusive money-back guarantee also. In case you have not used their scheme or have an urge to cancel the scheme, you can do it and also your money will get refunded. However there is a limited time period of 30 days. Your money will get credited only in the span of 30 days.
  • SiteGround also offers the customers a speedy technology with the speedy performers like HTTP/2, NGINX, PHP7 and free CDN.
  • Also another of their best features is their providing of the free SSL certificates that are also encrypted. With each account, you are going to get an encrypted SSL certificate.
  • The most important aspect in today’s world, namely security also has been maintained with vivid attention in this case. You will get free security add-ons so that you do not have to worry about viruses and piracies. 

    However despite all these features, there are certain negative aspects also. Every good gets complemented with bad; therefore, SiteGround also is no less. Some of the basic negative aspects of SiteGround are:
  • There is a setup fee for monthly implementation. However, in most of the plans, you will see that in order to purchase the plan with a nominal monthly fee, the plan gets extended to one or two years. In that case, it is not always a monthly plan but becomes a yearly plan.
  • Another negative aspect of the SiteGround coupon is that they offer a limited storage space. Most of the other websites are capable of providing a larger storage space compared to the SiteGround coupons.

    Hence after taking into consideration all these, it is quite clear that you can help yourself with the coupons. It is always better to consider everything about a particular site and then avail their coupons.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is the registration of the domain free?
    It should be kept in mind that SiteGround no longer offers free registration anymore. You have to pay a very nominal fee that however varies with the plans. 
  • What are the Payment methods?
    SiteGround usually takes payment via Mastercard or Visa.
  • What are other billing cycles for SiteGround?
    There are many different types of billing services provided by SiteGround. They vary like the yearly plan, 24-month plan, 36 month or even quarterly like the three-month billing plans.
  • What are the benefits of monthwise billing plan?
    SiteGround usually do not offer monthly billing period. However, you can try the trial scheme valid for one month. But after you have used the trial scheme, if you do not delete your account, they will automatically upgrade it to a yearly plan.
  • Will price increase at renewal of the hosting plan?
    Yes. There will be a hike in the price after the renewal of the hosting plan. It is mainly because the coupon applies to the first of the invoices only. For availing the greatest of all discounts, it is better to apply for the 36 months’ scheme.

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