Invest Wisely by Franchising

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Invest Wisely Through Franchising

This is a lens made to help people who are interested in owning a business franchise. Franchises are the best choices for people who want to own their business. Being a franchise of an established brand is a sure fire way of earning great profits and making your money grow. Read on and find out which business franchise is best for you.

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The Pros and Cons of Franchising

Franchising is one of the best ways for a business to succeed. As a matter of fact some franchises have some of the highest success rates. However, franchising is not for everyone. Some people find it suitable for them while others find it to be a disaster. There are people who closed their business in just two to six months from opening due to various problems. It is important for people who want o get a franchise to weigh the pros and cons first. If success in business is to be attained, franchising must be examined at all possible angles.

Pros of Franchising

Popular Brand Name. If you get a franchise, you will not have to be an unknown company competing with giant brands because your business will also have an established brand name which everyone recognizes. As opposed to starting from scratch, this means you will not have to work as hard to get people to recognize your brand. Instead, you can put all your energy into the operation of your business. You will not start as an anonymous and obscure company.

Lower Costs of Inventory. A franchise group has a greater buying power than a single, unknown entity in the business world. Large companies such as KFC have big bargaining power with their suppliers.

Turnkey System. People who are not really adept at business will benefit because of its Turnkey system. This is a system used by franchises for business operation and for generating profits. The Turnkey system has been proven to be successful if utilized properly.

Greater chances of getting good staff. Recruiting with a well known name and brand is much easier and you will have better chances of getting the best personnel. It is a known fact that more people want to be a part of a known company so more people apply for recognized names. It is much easier to recruit people when you are a big company as opposed to when you are a virtual unknown.

Cons of Franchising

Royalty Fees. Franchises are required to make royalty payments to franchisors as payment for their support in the promotion and marketing of products. This is like payment for the support you received from the mother company.

Start-up costs. Franchises cost a lot of money because you are essentially paying for an established name which is well-recognized by people. Aside from the start up costs, there are financial requirements which need to be met.

Less Freedom. People who own franchises find that they do not really much freedom to do what they want. This is because franchises need to conform to whatever rules the mother company has. The franchise owner will not be able to make decisions on his own, as opposed to an independent business owner.

Little or no support from the mother company. Although not all franchises experience this, there have been reports and complaints from franchise owners about minimal support from the mother company. Sometimes the support is also very slow or inadequate.

Invest Wisely by Franchising KFC

How to Start a KFC Business

Kentucky Fried Chicken is one of the world's first fast food restaurants and also one of the best because of their original recipes and top of the line customer service. Kentucky Fried Chicken has been serving the masses since the 1930'sand now they have hundreds of branches around the world serving millions of customers. So, if you want to start a fast food business Kentucky Fried Chicken is the one of the best choices. It has a stellar reputation and it has proven track record of serving the best chicken dishes.

Kentucky Fried Chicken is one of the members of Yum! Brands Inc. Other popular restaurant chains which belong to the same company are Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and Long John Silver's. Yum! has business in 37,000 locations in over 120 countries around the world. It also ranked 239 on the Fortune 500 list, which is quite an achievement.

How to Start a KFC Business

Becoming a franchisee of Kentucky Fried Chicken is a sure way to get profits but it may not be for everyone. There are qualifications to be met before an applicant gets the green light on franchising.

Individuals who are interested in starting their very own KFC Business will need to invest a total of $1.5 to $1.8 million. The minimum financial requirement is actually a $1.5 million net worth and $750,000 in liquid assets. The initial franchise fee costs $25,000. There is also a 20-year agreement which a franchisee must commit to. Provided that all qualifications and requirements are met and the application for franchise is accepted, there is also the annual renewal fee of $4.9K. Interested individuals need to take note that KFC is a restaurant business and it is hands-on. Experience in the food business is needed to make the business successful. For some people who do not have such experience, it will be helpful to hire someone who does to make sure the business stays afloat.

Among the many things which KFC will provide to franchisees are free training for the crew on how to handle multiple branches and they also have a value network to help franchisees compete in advertising as well as brand recognition. Kentucky Fried Chicken will help franchisees every step of the way. Franchisees will be assisted through each step of the application process.

However, to be a franchisee, an individual or a company needs to undergo a series of background checks that may take up to 10-12 weeks according to the company, and 3 to 9 months for site approval. After signing the agreement, franchisees will be given eight months to begin construction and a year to start up the KFC business. KFC will provide the standard building plans and the franchisee has the freedom to hire workers to start the construction. Franchisees also have the option to ask the company for their development expertise; however it comes with a fee.

Be a franchise of Kentucky Fried Chicken and be a success in the food business.

Be In with Knights Inn

Luxurious, splendid and simply amazing, these are the words that best describe Knights Inn. Knights Inn is a subsidiary of Wyndham Hotel Group, LLC, owned by Wyndham Worldwide Corporation, a Delaware limited liability company started in 1994 and franchising on the same year. Knights Inn headquarters is located in Parsippany, New Jersey in the United States of America. Knights Inn offers clean, comfortable rooms to price conscious travelers and limited amenities at a low price compared to other mid rate Hotels. Mid-rate hotels do not offer service such as convention facilities, lobbies, room service
or other amenities, unlike Knights Inn.

Knight's Inn is up for franchising. Knights Inn offers financial assistance depending on the payment of the franchisee's initial fee. However, Knights Inn does not offer any other direct financing or arrange financing in other sources. They also offer Knights Inn Integrated training ("KIIT") for no additional cost. This program is offered on site using e-learning vehicles which the franchisee must complete. The program must be completed within 30 days of the opening date of the facility.

Knights Inn offers a variety of trainings like programs, seminars, online training and other training resources. Franchisees are required attend advance strategic training programs to boost the capability of managing the business and as a franchisee it is also a must to attend all training programs Knights Inn may require. Knights Inn grants franchisees protected territory so that no other franchisee may manage, or operate another facility within the same service mark. In other words Knights Inn will not grant any license using the same service mark on the area unless that franchisee executes an agreement with Knights Inn.

Terms of agreement begins on the day the franchisee signs the franchise agreement and it will end in 3years. The agreement will automatically be renewed up to four times with three years each. Or if the franchisee does not want to renew his/her agreement Knights Inn will give a 90 day notification.

Starting your Knights Inn business requires a total investment of three million eight hundred seventy nine thousand seven hundred twenty five dollars ($3,879,725). This is for a facility with up to 50 guest rooms. Franchisees can earn up to $20.80 per guest room per month. With a rate like that, investments can be returned in a short period of time.

However there are obligations and restrictions for a franchisee to follow. Franchisees are not obliged to participate personally in the operation of the facility although the company recommends it. Knights Inn will not personally manage the facility, instead they will hire a management company for the franchisee or an individual manager with significant training and experience in managing. The hired manager will undergo a series of programs which Knights Inn requires. Lastly, the franchisee must offer accommodations that comply with Knights Inn System standards and applicable laws. Knights Inn will not limit or restrict the franchisee to offer additional goods and service as long they comply with the standards.

Be a Success with a Krystal Franchise

You want a burger with big buns and lots of cheese? Krystal Restaurant is the home of the best burger. It is located in South America. It is one of the first fast food chains and the 2nd oldest in the burger business founded in 1932. They currently have more than 450 restaurants in North Carolina, South Carolina and other places in the United States. Krystal restaurant has become a cultural icon in the south serving customer fresh and delicious foods daily with friendly employees ready to take customers' orders. Krystal restaurant has taken a prominent place in the Southern Unites States with their great food and service.

Krystal Co. together with FSN South Company hosted the World Hamburger Eating Championship, a major league in competitive eating and the only major league in hamburger eating contest. Krystal Company is famous for their small, square burgers which has a taste like no other. They say a person who grew up in the Southern part of the United States has a Krystal story all his or her own.

Krystal Restaurant started Franchising in 1990's and by the year 2001 they had one hundred fifty one franchises. By the year 2005, there franchises have boomed to a whooping one hundred eighty tree restaurants. They offer a variety of financial options like franchise fee, equipment, inventory, accounts receivable, payroll and many more. They also offer top of the line training security procedures/safety, field operations/evaluations and meetings.

Individuals interested in franchising must have a minimum development agreement of 3 restaurants, liquidity of at least $600,000 and a net worth of $1.2 million. All franchisees are required to own multiple units in a period of time all with a master licenses. A franchise unit is required to have at least 30 persons or more to run the unit. The company does not allow absentee ownership of franchises, all franchise units are 100% operated by the owners.

How to start your own Krystal restaurant? First to start up your franchise you will need thirty two thousand five hundred dollars ($32,500) franchise fee. How much would the total investment be? Total investment will be around nine hundred thousand dollars ($900,000) to one million three hundred thousand dollars ($1,300,000) and a royalty fee which is four point five percent. Renewal fee comes at $8.1k with a twenty year agreement. An experience in restaurants or fast-food business us nit necessary but it is one of the key elements to have a successful Krystal franchise.

The above-mentioned things are all a person needs to start his or her Krystal Burger Restaurant and to have an experience of the world's finest burger on your own. With effort, patience and hard work, the restaurant will take off and the investment will triple. Be one of the proud owners of the southern cultural icon, Krystal Restaurant.

Career Opportunity in Franchising L'Occitane en Provence

L' Occitane en Provence Products Mostly, professional nowadays would prefer to be self-employed rather than have a superior and be obliged to stay in the office for 8 to 9 hours a day, seven days a week. With this vision, starting up a business will be the first option that will cross their minds. Putting up a business and starting from scratch wouldn't be easy for there will be a lot of factors to be considered, that's why franchising comes into the picture.
Franchising is way much easy than raising an entirely new business of your own. It's a form of business wherein an individual gets to have an exclusive right or privilege to sell a well established product or service. A person who wants to do franchising is called a 'franchisee' and the owner of the company is the 'franchisor'. Both parties will have to agree with their set of terms and conditions in order to have a harmonious business relationship.
There are few things that need to be considered if a person is willing to venture into franchising. It can be summarized into two major divisions: Financial - Do have the start-up capital? and Personal - Is this a product that would captivate your interest if you are the consumer? Basically, one should also assess if the product is highly needed in the society and an example of which would be a skin care product.
L'Occitane en Provence is one of the leading international retailers of skin care products based in Manosque, France. The successful company began in 1976 and currently has more than 1,000 stores in over 70 countries. They also provide franchising for those retailers who have deep passion and belief on their line of products. Now, they already have more than 50 operating franchise boutiques in France alone.
Just like any other companies who are into franchising, they have also set their criteria for those willing to carry their trademark. They will entail an initial contribution of 40% of the total investment, which will include the lease rights, registration fee, equipment, design and working capital is suggested. The franchisee must opt for a location that is situated in the heart of the city where it can be accessible by people from different walks of life.
Shopping Centres can be a strategic place to set up a store and L'Occitane en Provence will require it to look like one of their owned boutiques. Specific dimension regarding the size of the retail store will also be set depending on the city and the specifics of each individual projects. L'Occitane en Provence has been into the global market for years already and has established an immense reputation, and with that, they also expect their franchisees to provide the same excellent quality of service that they are currently rendering to the customers worldwide.
As they always say, life itself is a gamble and you need to play all your cards well. Venturing into business is quite risky but if you have the passion and desire to go out and be your own boss, then why not give it a shot. If you have assessed yourself and think that you have the basic qualification to be a franchisee of L'Occitane en Provence, all you need to do is click on their website and you'll be one step away from having your business.

Start a Business in Insurance

Insurance is a must these days. It has become a necessity. People with insurance sleep better because they know that they and their beneficiaries are covered should something happen. Almost everyone in the United States all carry insurance. This only underscores how important it is to have insurance in this day and age. L.A. Insurance Agency is one of the most popular insurance companies in the country today. It is also one of the largest independent insurance agencies in the states of Michigan, Colorado, Nevada, California, Georgia, Florida and many more. The company was founded by Anthony Yousif who started out as an insurance agent. Until now, the company's headquarters can still be found in Michigan.
The company has grown so much and today they have more than 150 locations in the United States. Their primary offering is insurance for a variety of vehicles like motorcycles, cars and even boats. They offer insurance for bodily injury liability, property damage liability, uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage and physical damage. They have just recently started offering medical insurance to their clients.
The granting of franchises is the sole discretion of the LA Insurance Agency®Franchise LLC. Individuals interested in being a franchisee will undergo an extensive background check. There is the investigative consumer report and an investigation in accordance with the anti-terrorism legislation of the United States. Among the things which will be examined is the creditworthiness of a person. Applicants might also be required to take a standardized Math and English exam. After the form has been filled out and submitted, a representative from the company will contact the interested party by phone or by email.
Aside from extensive credit checks, there are also financial requirements which must be complied with before becoming a franchisee of L.A. Insurance. Failure to comply with the minimum financial requirements will result in the rejection of an application. There is the startup cost, franchise fee, minimum liquid assets and operational costs. The company takes care of the advertising, however, it is the franchisee's responsibility to entice customers to but the insurance he or she is selling.
Once the application has been approved, there will be trainings to undergo. Staff and personnel will be taught how to use the software, as well as how to effectively sell insurance to increase customer base. The company is very hands-on with their franchises. They want their franchises to be just as successful with their very own L.A. Insurance business.
Be a success and invest your money wisely. Opt for a franchise with L.A. Insurance and watch your money grow with dedication and hard work. Don't wait any longer. Do it now. For more information, interested parties may call 1-800-893-9393 or fill out a form correctly at The company will get back to interested parties as soon as possible.

Travel with the Luxury of Home

Frequent travelers always have to be away from home and finding a place to stay is one of the biggest problems of travelers everywhere. When travelers are away from home, they want a place to stay where they can be comfortable, where they can relax from the vigorous demands of the day and feel right at home. There are various lodgings for people to check into when they are away from home, however, not all of them are up to par. Most are below standards, especially the cheap ones.
La Quinta Inns and Suites is the answer to weary traveler's needs. They have the right accommodation for every budget. Aside from the comfortable accommodations, persons who check in the La Quinta Hotel can also take advantage of the free Internet access and free breakfast.
La Quinta Inns and Suites has more than 40 years of experience of providing superb customer service, high-quality accommodations and reasonable rates to customers. They cater both to business travelers and leisure travelers. Today, La Quinta has more than 800 hotels across North America. The company contuse to grow nut has remained dedicated to giving the best service to customers so that they will never forget their stay at La Quinta.
La Quinta also has a relationship-based franchise program and they stick by their motto which is "Promises made. Promises kept." Franchisees are treated as equal partners, and not as customers. With over 370 hotels under its belt, it has enough expertise to lead a franchisee by the hand on the road to success in the hotel business.
Great support is given to individuals and companies who are interested in being franchisees of La Quinta. The company provides all the needs of the franchisee to help him or her succeed. There is marketing support to help bring the revenue up, an excellent training program to prepare personnel, assistance in opening, a marketing program which is aimed at increasing the number of customers and a design department which will help with the construction of your very own La Quinta. The company has marketing strategies which are aimed to increase the awareness of the people about the hotel and positions it right ahead of its competitors.
People interested in franchising should agree to the 20-year term, must have favorable transfer rights, must pay royalty based on guest satisfaction results, must agree to performance-cades termination rights and must have an area of protection for the term of contract. The total investment can amount from $257,967 to $8,095,020. The franchise fee is $50,000 and there is also a royalty fee of 4.5%. A net worth of $2.5 million is required but there is no minimum requirement for liquidity.
Individuals who want to know more about franchising may call 1-866-TEAM-LQI (832-6574). They can also fax (214) 492-6740 or check the website at

Be a Winner with a Lenny's Franchise

Images of a sub sandwich never fail to make everyone's mouth water. It is the perfect snack for a fun afternoon. It is not only filling, it is also very delicious. Sandwiches are one of the favorite snacks of Americans. It has become deeply ingrained in the American culture that it is not uncommon to see a sandwich store or shop on every corner. One of America's favorite sandwiches is Lenny's sub sandwich. Lenny's is a place which offers some of the best sandwiches today.
The first Lenny's Sub Shop opened in 1998 in Tennessee. They are famous for serving the authentic Philly cheesecakes, as well as their sandwiches. Although the owner only planned to open a single restaurant, the tremendous reception from customers and demands gave way made the owner changed his decision and agreed to franchise the beloved restaurant. Lenny's is now owned by Lenny's Franchisor, LLC and today it continues to grow.
The company began catering to franchisees in 2001 and since then it has had 156 franchise units and 8 company owned units. The start-up cost of a Lenny's Sub Shop is between $40,000 to $150,000. The total investment would range from $216,500 to $369,000. A minimum net worth of at least $400,000 is required for a new restaurant and at least $40,000 in liquid capital. There are also multi-store packages available with a liquid capital of $150,000.Interested individuals can also get a third party financial assistance if it is needed.
Prior to the opening of a franchise, there will be intensive training which can take up to 5 weeks. There is also a week's worth of Lenny's University classroom training, 2 weeks in-store training in marketing and operations. Corporate support is also available to franchisees.
Aside from the important points mentioned above, applicants for franchise must not have any felony conviction, must have an excellent credit score and must be committed to being hands-on with the business and must be willing to build at least 3 more restaurants over time.
Qualification representatives can be reached at 877-705-7827. For applications, individuals can check, fill out the form correctly and submit it. Parties can also refer friends and family who might be interested in being a franchisee.
Why choose Lenny's? We all know how hard it can be to start a business from scratch. A franchise is one of the best choices in succeeding in the food business. A well-established name is necessary to compete with the other giants in the food industry. With Lenny's the success rate becomes higher because the company has a proven track record of serving he best foods while giving people the best customer experience they can possibly have. With Lenny's franchisees will be taught and guided so that they can also become a force to be reckoned with in the food business.

Take a Chance with Liberty Tax Service

It is a good thing to be your own boss and to be in charge of your own time. It has also been said so many times that nobody gets rich by being an employee. If a person wants to be rich, he or she should start a business. However, starting a business is risky; there is chance for the business not to prosper and to go bankrupt. But here is also the chance of the business taking off and becoming a huge success. Experts advise that if there is money enough for a capital, starting a business is the best choice.
Becoming a franchisee is a wise decision. Being in line with some of the most successful brand names is almost always a guarantee of success provided that the franchisee works hard and is dedicated to the business. Liberty Tax Service is one of the best companies to be a franchise of today. Liberty Tax Service is a company based in the United States which specializes in preparing tax returns for companies and individuals. The company started in Canada in 1997. It became known as Liberty Tax Service in 1998 and as of the year 2010, it was one of the fastest growing companies in the world which dedicated itself to the preparation of tax returns.
The startup cost for a Liberty Tax Service franchise is only $70,000. It is more affordable than other companies. When starting a franchise, there are many things to consider aside from finances. A good location is needed. After all, business is all about location. The company has rules and regulations on where franchisees can set up their business and everyone who wants to be a franchisee must adhere to it.
Here is a little breakdown of costs in startup and operations. There is the initial franchise fee of $40,000, advertising amounting to $5,000, travel and living expenses while training which can amount to $2,500, equipment and furniture at $3,000, rent for $6,000, payroll for $5,000 and other miscellaneous fees. Although the company does not have any say when it comes to hiring employees, background checks has to be done to make sure that they are reliable and trustworthy.
Communication is very impotent to the company and this is how they help their franchisees build and improve their business. They have many departments which will support franchisees. There is the training department which coordinates various training sessions; there is the marketing department which takes care of advertising and placement of ads; there is the supply department where franchisees can order supplies and vendor contacts; there is the tax support which can information about taxes and things related to them, there is the technical support department which can be called upon for problems with software; there is the franchise development department which has information on everything about franchise and of course, area developers who is the initial contact for all issues about operations.

Be a Little Caesar's Franchisee

Franchising is one of the best ways to start a business. It is also one of the sure-fire ways for success. Franchising gives people the chance to align themselves with a recognized brand and a proven way of doing business with customers. As a matter of fact, franchising is very popular that it accounts for more than $1 trillion in sales every year. Little Caesar's is one of the best choices for individuals interested in franchising. Why? Because pizza is a perennial favorite, it is well-loved by everyone. It is a meal which can be shared by the whole family.
Why choose Little Caesar's when there are other names and brands out there? Simple, Little Caesar's has excellent franchising opportunities for people interested in making it on their own in the food industry. Little Caesar's opened its first store in 1959 and they started franchising in 1962. It was founded by Michel and Marian Ilitch. Little Caesar's is simply one of the fastest growing pizza chains in the world today. Little Caesar's attained the highest rate in list of various food chains in 2007. The rating was based on customer experience.
The total processing period for a little Caesar's franchise application is 120 days to a year. The first step is to submit the application complete with supporting documents. It takes between 3 to 20 days for Little Caesar's to review the application and once it has been approved, a Franchise Disclosure document will be sent. After the documents have been signed and returned, a Franchise License Advisor will then contact the other party and schedule an interview. After the interview the applicant will be notified if he or she has been approved to become a franchisee.
After approval, the franchisee will then be required to attend a series of real estate trainings and site selection classes and this will take another 20 to 100 days. After completing the real estate training and site selection class, franchises must attend the operations training program which will take six weeks. Construction then begins and of course, the long awaited grand opening of the new Little Caesars franchise branch.
To qualify as a franchisee, there should be a minimum of $50,000 in liquid assets, a minimum net worth of $150,000 and the ability to finance up to $300,000. The estimated initial investment can reach more than $500,000 for s regular carry out location. There is also a $15,000 fee for renewing franchises.
Little Caesar's also has a solid reputation when it comes to franchising. Their franchisees have nothing but success stories to tell. The proven track record of the company, as well as its dedication to help its franchisees grow makes it one of the mot loved brands by franchisees all over the United States. So, for people who are thinking of opening their own business, a Little Caesar's franchise should be on top of the list.

Little Gym, Big Success

For people who want a rewarding experience, who love working with children and who are keen on having a business they can call their own, the best answer is a Little Gym franchise. Little Gym is a franchiser of child oriented fitness gyms which was established in 1976 by a man named Robin Wes. The headquarters of the company is in Scottsdale, Arizona and to date; it has more than 300 franchises in more than fifteen countries all around the world. Little Gym offers various service to little children and their parents, among them are developmental gymnastics, Karate, sports skills, dance and cheerleading.
The company aims to develop little children from the ages of 4 up until 12. The company is also known for its music which is created and performed by Little Gym Employees from all over the world. They also have a curriculum which is specially designed to build the motor skills of little children while having fun at the same time. Little Gyms are usually found in busy areas like business parks and malls. Each Little Gym has no less than 4,000 square feet of space.
Although becoming a Little Gym franchisee is a good business move, it is not something which everyone can qualify for. The company has a rigorous selection process, because they are dedicated to keeping their reputation. People who want to request for a franchise need to fill out a questionnaire. This questionnaire will be reviewed by the company's selection panel. Interested applicants may also be contacted through phone. Selected applicants are invited to the headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona and they will meet members of the senior management. Applicants will then be informed if they have been selected as franchisees. Franchisees will need to review the Uniform Franchise Offering Circular.
Little Gym offers an excellent support team to help interested franchises. They have a training team, a financial service steam, consultant team, curriculum development team, marketing support, human resources, It services and real estate services. Personnel of Little Gym franchises are undergo a series of trainings to help them with their jobs. Moths before a franchise is opened, personnel must participate in two comprehensive sessions and must also complete an internship for five days. They will get to exercise their skills in an operational gym. The staff will also be trained by a Master Level Instructor. Even after a franchise has opened, the company will till continue to offer support through their various local and regional training sessions which are conducted every now and then.
People interested in becoming a franchisee must have a net worth of $250,000. There must also be at least $75,000 on liquid assets. The startup cost is anywhere from $50,000 to $70,000. The total investment amounts to $130,000 to $225,000. Interested parties may call 1-888-228-2878 or go to to request more information.

What are your favorite franchises?

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