Lynchburg Virginia Local Information

Lynchburg VA is one of those cities that appears in many Civil War movies. But how much do you really know about the city? How has it changed over time? Why is it called the City of Seven Hills, or the Hill city? Here are some fun cats about the city.


Lynchburg was founded by John Lynch at the tender age of 17. John started a ferry service across the James River in 1757. He also built the first ever bridge connecting to the city. In 1812 this bridge replaced the ferry service. During the Civil War, Lynchburg was used mainly as a supply and hospital center and connected with the railroad that supplied the Confederate States Army. Lynchburg only ever had one single battle, which lasted for 2 days total.


The Lynchburg population grows by 1.51% per year. There are 1624 people per square mile. The average age of the inhabitants is between 27 and 28 years. People move to this city to start a family, to work, and to live. The population contains 8 different races. The white Europeans are the largest (62.1%) population, the (black) afro American population (28%), the Hispanic population (3.5%), the Asian population (2.8%), a few unknown races (2.7%), Indian population (0.3%), Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander population (0.02%).

This city contains about 80,000-90,000 inhabitants, with 10% more females than males. And this city is also on top of the cities with the largest percentage of females. If you are searching for a (life) partner, Lynchburg is the place to go and find love because 49.3% of the population was never married, 32.3% is already married, 2.9% is separated, 9.6% is divorced, and 5.9% is widowed.


This city contains over 8 universities that offer programs to undergraduate and post graduates and about 1/3 of them also offer doctoral degrees. There are a few other universities near Lynchburg that you can also apply for. Lynchburg is on top of the list with the highest percentage of college students. There are a lot of private high schools in this city and only a few private elementary schools. There is a big library that keeps a lot of information about Lynchburg and other important information that is used for research by students of elementary, high schools and universities.

Average income:

The average household income has doubled over the last 5 to 10 years.75.9% of the entire population works and lives in Lynchburg. In the last 17 years the price for houses has doubled.

Living in Lynchburg:

Lynchburg contains 6 hospitals, 10 nursing homes, 2 airports and 1 heliport. The air quality is perfect, the air quality index is between 40 and 50. And the air quality of the entire nation is between 70 and 80. There are a lot of banks throughout the whole city. There are 2 theatres and over 12 museums. You can also find a lot of stores, restaurants, grocery stores, radio stations, broadcast stations, safe hotels and motels, clubs. There are over 4000 businesses with a lot of popular ones. A few popular businesses are AT&T, BMW, FedEx, Toyota, and Walmart.