Liquid Web hosting coupon code 2017 to avail 40% discount

LiquidWeb Hosting Coupon Code 2017

Up to 40% Liquid Web Discount 

Liquid Web hosting is offering upto 40% discount to their new customers. Activate this Liquid Web hosting coupon by clicking the below button and get an instant discount at your final billing amount. 

Liquid Web is a reputed web hosting company based in Michigan, United States. It has its presence also in Ann Arbor, Phoenix and Amsterdam.

Presently it is one of the fastest growing private companies in US with around 500 staffs employed in different sections of the organizations.

Established in 1997 the company became largely popular within a short period of time mainly because of its exclusive focus on an exceptionally responsive and efficient customer support.

To stay relevant in the highly competitive hosting arena Liquid Web often brings in different discount coupons with its different service offerings.

Why Liquid Web Hosting?

As already mentioned in the very outset Liquid Web put much emphasis right from its inception and this was indeed a remarkable feature on those days when customer support was not actually a vital focus area for most of the companies so as to say.

Even at that time Liquid Web provided a 24/7 supports to its customers despite the fact that it had only 16 employees in total. Eventually the company started branding its support system as “Heroic Support” and launched a unique mascot called “Hero”.

In addition to that they promoted the support with a guarantee of a fastest response time of 59 seconds across both the telephone and live chat platform.

All these make Liquid Web a highly competent and effective web host and stand out prominently from the clutter. In fact if customer support is your prime preference Liquid Web is surely the best option for you. Other main competitors for LiquidWeb hosting are Hostgator, Bluehost etc.

Liquid Web Coupons :

The price of the different hosting plans and related services offered by Liquid Web are generally quite affordable. Just like other hosting offers such as Bluehost India discount, Hostgator 1 cent hosting etc., Liquid web is also offering huge introductory discount to their customers.

In spite of that the company comes up with different discount coupons from time to time to encourage the customer take quick buying decision. And these coupons are often quite attractive and beneficial for different types of customers.

The amount of the discount largely differs from one coupon to another and the range can start from 25% and go as high as 75% as well.

For example, there is a coupon available at present with VPS plan offering a 75% discount to its customers. The higher discount coupons are often limited time offers and are withdrawn after a certain time.

So to avail them you must be prompt in taking the decision or you might lose them any moment.

Liquid Web Services :

Liquid Web primarily provided only shared hosting related services but with considerable growth over time it expanded it service domain and included dedicated and VPS services in its periphery.

Afterwards the company introduced the Storm Platform a kind of cloud servers which enabled its customers to easily replace, increase and clone the capability of a server. These are easily scalable servers and can make use of fully automated and advanced platforms in an efficient manner.

The Storm Platform of Liquid Web presently features dedicated, private cloud and VPS servers along with a bunch of add-ons. The add-ons include block storage, load balancers and object storage.

Moreover the platform is still expanding on a continuous basis to include newer operating systems and offer more regions.

At present Liquid Web has got three data centers located in Michigan where the company is headquartered and all of them are fully owned by Liquid Web itself.

Liquid Web Service at a Glace:

1. Dedicated Servers

2. Managed WordPress

3. VPS Cloud Hosting

4. Cloud Sites

5. Advanced Hosting Services

6. Hosting Add-ons

Liquid Web Highlights :

- 100% Uptime Guarantee

- 30 Minute Hardware Replacement Guarantee

- More than 500000 well managed Sites

- 5 State of the art data centers

- Over 32000 satisfied customers from 130 Countries

- Matchless Customer Support

- Trusted by leading brands from all over the world

Frequently Asked Questions

It is better to choose a basic or starter pack in the beginning because it is quite likely that you will have limited amount of visitor in the initial stage. And with increase in popularity and traffic you may think of switching to higher plan later on.

And you might need more than one website if you extend your business to other domains. In that case you cannot help choosing a better hosting pack because the basic pack wouldn’t suffice then.

Yes that will. It is because the coupon is valid only at the time of initial subscription and not in subsequent stages. So as a plan gets renewed normal plan charge will naturally apply.

Liquid Web is always known for its unparalleled customer support which is offered right from its inception a couple of decades back.

It really provides an exceptional support to its customers through multiple channels i.e. phone, email and live chat. Moreover, it takes the least response time as compared to others.

So you will not find a single scope for complaint with regards to Liquid Web’s support system and hence it is called “Heroic Support.” 

Liquid Web offers several payment options to choose from. As for the Credit Card VISA, American Express, MasterCard and Discover are accepted. Debit cards with logos of Visa and MasterCard will be accepted.

Liquid Web also accepts prepaid cards from Mastercard, Visa and American Express. Payment through PayPal is also considered a valid method of payment. And finally transfer through checks and wires are also readily accepted.

The billing for each of our services is set to monthly cycle by default. But in case you really require a yearly billing you can inform it to the billing department and they will arrange it accordingly.

Yes, we do but that depends on the service opted for by you. Precisely money back warranty is offered with some selected services and not with each and everyone.

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