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Hostgator India Coupon code for saving big

Hostgator India Coupon Code 2017 - Save More With Hostgator

Use Hostgator India Coupon code to save big while buying Hostgator India's shared, VPS, dedicated and reseller hosting plans. We weekly test and add latest discount and promo codes here for our readers. Apply these coupons before checkout at Hostgator official website.

  • MAXSUPERSAVER - Maximum Available Discount Code at All Hostgator Hosting Plans.
  • HGSHAREDSAVER - 25% Discount at Hostgator India Shared Hosting Plans (Hatchling, Baby and Business Plans).
  • HGVPSSAVER - 25% OFF code at VPS Hosting Packages.
  • HGDEDICATEDSAVER - 25% Discount Code for Dedicated Hosting.
  • HGRESELLERSAVER - 25% Discount Code for Reseller Hosting Plans.

Why Hostgator Hosting?

The popularity of Hostgator as an effective web host has been on the rise for nearly a decade or so. The company based in Houston provides web hosting services to its rich customer base that extends to every corner of the world.

Hostgator is the provider of all kinds of hosting services – dedicated, shared, VPS and reseller. It has received several awards in different times for its outstanding performance in the hosting domain.

It can presently boast of its 8 million domains and 400,000 highly satisfied customers - some figures which are really enviable to its rivals.

Hostgator v/s Other Webhostings:

The main competitor of Hostgator is BlueHost and SiteGround. But a close study of these three hosting services will reveal that Hostgator is far more efficient than its close rivals so far as running a high traffic website is concerned.

With 99.99% uptime, an effective round the clock service and excellent website speed it has become a preferred choice for countless users from all over the world.

Moreover, Hostgator also offers a number of coupons to its customers and they are really quite advantageous and lucrative in nature.

Hostgator Coupon Codes :

Coupon codes play a big role in encouraging a purchase decision because who does not want to get more at the cost of less? As a matter of fact a large number of customers search for who is offering higher discount and choose the company on that basis.

However they should also consider the quality of the service as well. So far as Hostgator is concerned it provides top notch services to its valued customers along with discount coupons.

It offers a number of different coupons along with different hosting plans to cater to a wide variety of customer requirements.

Hostgator has segmented all its plans in three broad categories namely Hatching Plan, Baby Plan and Business Plan and each comes with different discount coupons.

To get details information on them and to avail one just visit this link – Some attractive coupons include Rs. 1 hosting plan, 20% discount on VPS hosting, 20% off on Reseller plan, Discount coupon for domain renewal, 20% discount on WordPress hosting and many more.

There are also some limited period offers which provides up to 60% discount on certain plans.

You can also participate in Hostgator’s affiliate marketing campaigns which offers you the chance of earning some extra amount by using your website.

Hostgator Services :

Being one of the top ten web hosts in the world HodtGator provides several web hosting services to its worldwide customer base.

Domain: In this segment you can register your domain name choosing from a vast assortment of 9,00,000 domains in total. Just enter your desired domain name and find out if it is still available. Also check the price tags of different domains.

Hosting: Hostgator offers different kinds of hosting services such as Dedicated, Shared, VPS as well as Reseller. You can wisely choose any of them based on your particular requirement.

Add-ons: Hostgator’s add-on services include Site Lock, Code Guard, Digital Certificate, Business Email etc.

Mobile App: Mobile apps are on the rising demand these days. Hostgator in collaboration with Gomobi offers you to build different mobile friendly applications and websites.

Hostgator Hosting Features

  1. Unlimited Bandwidth and Disk Space - Hostgator does not set any limitation at all on the size and amount of the file related to your website. Same applies to the case of data transfer.
  2. 99.99% Uptime - Hostgator promises 99.99% uptime to all its customers irrespective of plans and always remains true to its words.
  3. Free Website Developing Tool - This is a very efficient website building tool that can be used by anyone using the drag and drop features. So just get started with a few easy and simple steps.
  4. More than 4500 Website Templates - With Hostgator you get as many as 4500 website temples to choose from for your exact requirement.
  5. User Friendly Control Panel - Hostgator’s cPanel is one of the most popular and well organized control panels ever with a lots of user friendly options.
  6. Unlimited Email Addresses - There is no limitation in email address creation as well as email forwards.
  7. 45 Day Money Back warranty - Although there is least chance of your dissatisfaction still Hostgator offers 45-day money back warranty with each of its services.
  8. 24/7/365 Customer Support - Hostgator works wonder in the fields of customer service and leaves no scope to the customers to complain about its truly effective support system.

Frequently Asked Questions

It largely depends on the number, nature and the popularity of the website you are going to host. If you want to host a single and simple website of your own you should go for basic plans.

If you are to host several websites and expecting considerable traffic you have to choose a powerful and expensive plan from Hostgator India.

And in case you are not quite sure about the expectant traffic volume you better start with a low range plan and upgrade it when the website grows and stars attracting more traffic over time.

Yes, Hostgator India offers 45 day money back guarantee to all customers irrespective of the plan they opt. So if you are not satisfied with their service cancel it within 45 days and get a full refund.

The answer is no. As you get registered with a new account you get a 45 days’ trial period. And if you continue the service by not cancelling it, it will be renewed for an entire year with a yearly billing cycle as there is no monthly billing option.

Yes, it will. Hostgator India coupon is applicable only to the first time invoice and when the plan will renew normal plan charge (without discount) will apply.

If you want heavier discounts you will be required to sign up for extended hosting periods.

Hostgator offers a highly effective customer support to all its customers no matter what plan he has chosen. Its technical support team consists of considerably experienced staffs that work round the clock to provide a seamless 24/7/365 service.

It has 3 ways communication channels featuring support via phone, email and live chat. In addition to that the support system takes least possible time in solving a customer issue.

Yes, it does. Hostgator’s has created its own mobile app for the convenience of its customers. This is an extremely efficient and versatile app which supports both Android and iOS platforms.

Just download the app and register it with Hostgator to use if for various purposes such as browsing through different plans and their prices as well as buying them.

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