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Homescapes: Why Do People Love This Awesome Game?

From the creators of Gardenscapes comes another means of gaming entertainment especially for you: Homescapes! Together with Austin, help make his childhood home a more enjoyable place to live in. With just a step inside the beautiful mansion, a truckload of experiences unlocks for you in this casual game.


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It’s the start of a new day. Austin, the butler, goes back to his childhood home, which is full of memories and dreams. Upon entering, he first noticed the rundown entrance hall and chose to renew the old carpet. Austin glows with delight as his parents approve of the change. This inspires him to proceed with cleaning up his dusty room.

But after a whole day’s effort in setting things right, he was told that the house would be sold soon. This triggered Austin’s nightmares. He cannot endure seeing his childhood home full of lovely recollections get destroyed. He feels there’s nothing left to do for his parents’ decision to change.

This is where you come in. Help Austin change the course of events and convince how this old mansion holds more treasure than anything else. Earn stars for every task and restore the house to its former glory. Do your best to make your home brand new again!


Winning The Levels in Homescapes

Going through the levels is difficult, especially if you do not have enough help. In Homescapes, you have power-ups and boosters that you can utilize to pass all the levels! You must know when and how to use these power-ups and boosters, so you don’t waste a move. Remember, every step counts! Make sure that your movements do! Everything will either positively or negatively affect the whole game.

Several power-ups will prove highly valuable in the game. You will have plenty of chances to encounter rockets, bombs, paper planes, and rainbow balls. Each of them presents a specific feature that will aid you in matching elements and win you the game.

You must also be aware of two kinds of boosters: prepaid and in-game. These are enough to make you win the game. Hammers, sledgehammers, and gloves come naturally in the game. They could aid you in clearing tiles, removing rows or columns, or free swaps. Meanwhile, prepaid boosters could prove more helpful. Rocket-bombs, rainbow balls, and double planes are just around the corner, waiting for you to use them.


Homescapes Mini Game Features

Know Homescape’s Amazing Game Features

A casual game like Homescapes takes pride in a lot of its game features, which hooks players. These features include:

  • Unusual gameplay – Help Austin refurbish the house by exchanging and coordinating pieces!
  • Interior design – You determine what the home will look like.
  • Thrilling match-3 levels – Tons of laughter, highlighting unique boosters and Exciting combinations!
  • A magnificent estate – Explore all the mysteries it holds!
  • Beautiful roles – Observe them live their lives and communicate with each other in the in-game social network.
  • An adorable pet – Meet your new mischievous and fuzzy cat.


Homescapes Amazing Features

Mini-Games: New Feature to Look Forward To

All you need to know about Homescape’s mini-games are here. Aside from the additional exciting and fun elements, you get to see the reason behind the mini-games. 

Mini-games first entered the picture in January 2020 to play after completing a level.  They come as early as Level 2, and it continues up to more than 200 levels later. As part of the game, you need to help Austin figure out his bad nightmares.

However, it’s not always a holiday, since mini-games are accessible only on certain periodic levels. But if you are successful in finishing mini-games, you earn 200 coins as a reward!


Homescapes is Fun and Exciting!

Even after going through the different levels and playing the fun mini-games, you get to experience Austin’s fun engagements in Homescapes PC. Help him build his home, and you get to have your second home, even virtually. This game will give you the thrill and excitement of decorating a home.


Homescapes Fun Exciting

Game Features

  • It is easy to play. This game features simple touch controls.
  • It is safe to play for children. It does not contain any sexy stuff nor any violent or scary content.
  • Homescapes gameplay is straightforward.
  • Awesome graphics and great sound effects.
  • And best of all, you can play Homescapes free.
Homescapes Features

Play Homescapes Now!

Check out these game screenshots.

Homescapes Game Screenshot
Homescapes Game Screenshot

Homescapes: Why Do People Love This Awesome Game?