Chapter 3- Using a REST Client Tool to Make Calls to the FME Server

Now that you understand what the REST API is and how the calls and responses work; it's time to start interacting with the FME Server.

For the purposes of this training course, we will use an external tool named Postman which can be downloaded here: (this is already on the training computers).

If there is another REST client tool you are familiar with you may use that as an alternative, but the instructions in this manual will refer to the Postman interface.

Why use a REST Client tool?

A REST Client is a medium to practice calls with. The client accepts the REST calls and will communicate directly with the FME Server. There are several reasons why a user will use a REST Client tool:

  • Easy to use interface to input calls
  • Save the calls and use them later
  • Can generate code snippets from the calls to use in applications

Ricky RESTless says...
I use Postman to test calls before using them in the HTTPCaller Transformer in FME Workbench. By using the REST API calls in FME Workbench I can automate many FME Server processes.

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