Source Data Management

Nearly every FME workspace starts by reading features from a source dataset.

In some cases that source dataset may be held in a database, or stored on a web service such as Google Drive; it may even be a database running on a web service! On other occasions the data may not be web-based at all, but stored on a file system and shared for others to access.

In general, it's easy to author a workspace for use on FME Server because what works on FME Desktop can be published and run on Server with very little alteration of the source data practices.

However, there are additional methods that can be used to take source data management on FME Server to the next level. These methods include:

  • Using Database Connections for data stored in databases
  • Using Web Connections for datasets stored on a web service
  • Managing file datasets
    • Publishing file datasets to a repository
    • Uploading file datasets at run time
    • Storing file datasets on the 'Resources' file system

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