Chapter Review

This chapter introduced you to FME Server security.

What You Should Have Learned from this Module


  • Users are the individual accounts that access FME Server.
  • Roles are comprised of one or more users.
  • Default roles and accounts are created when FME Server is installed, but you can also add your own.
  • You can integrate your organization's Active Directory users and groups into FME Server.
  • The Trusted User Account provides unauthenticated access to any component of FME Server.
  • FME Server Windows Services can be changed to any Service Account to allow network access.
  • FME Server can be configured for HTTPS, supporting both CA-issued and self-signed certificates.

FME Skills

  • The ability to create a new user and assign permissions.
  • The ability to create a connection to an Active Directory server and import users and roles.
  • The ability to encrypt the communication between the client and server machines with HTTPS.

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