Exercise 3.3a Using Common Transformers
Data 3-1-1 case location details (XLS hosted on FTP)
Overall Goal Add a transformer to clean up schema
Create a summary table
Demonstrates Common transformer procedures
Start Workspace C:\FMEData2018\Workspaces\IntroToDesktop\Ex3.3-Begin.fmw
End Workspace C:\FMEData2018\Workspaces\IntroToDesktop\Ex3.3-Complete.fmw

Your manager has some more requests for your workspace. The department wants to be able to provide a summary of the number of cases by department, by Local Planning Area, in addition to the original data with an edited schema. This summary table will help the city assess demand for different services in different areas of the city. In this exercise, we will use a transformer to generate a summary table.

Before we go through the steps for doing so, try to find which transformer to use!

Use the resources available (Transformer Gallery in Workbench, Transformer Gallery online, the FME Transformer Reference Guide, and Quick Add search) to find such a transformer. Then we'll go through the steps to add it.

OK, go for it! When you have found your solution, go to the next page to check your answer.

If you want some additional hints, click below:

Hint 1

The transformer is in the Calculated Values category of the Transformer Gallery.

Hint 2

The transformer you are looking for has Calculator in the name.

Hint 3

To create a summary table, you need to calculate the sum of cases. The sum is a statistic of your attributes.

Hint 4

You might have found the AttributePivoter or the SummaryReporter; these transformers might be used in this case, but we are actually looking for a different one that works better.

Additional Resources

If you have used the above resources and are still having trouble, try looking on the FME Knowledge Center.

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