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ThriftBooks coupon codes
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The use of promo codes has almost become a reflex in Internet users. 90% of them use them and 60% of them have already abandoned a purchase because they have not found this precious discount. According to the study conducted by Mailorama with a panel of 1000 Internet users, the search and use of a promo code before any online purchase seems almost to have become a reflex in consumers.


Some numbers


  • 9 out of 10 users would use promo codes
  • 60% of Internet users have already abandoned an online purchase because they could not find a promo code
  • 3 of 4 users do not hesitate to subscribe to a newsletter to get a promo code
  • 84% of Internet users would not buy from their favourite online store if they found a promo code from a competitor


How are the discount codes used on the internet?


More and more internet users are ordering and shopping online. According to the study, 81% of Internet users buy online at least once a month. In half of the cases, the latter find the coupon codes on sites specializing in referencing promotional codes like GetYourCouponCodes. They also find them in emails and newsletters, directly on the brand's website or via an SMS.


Regarding the behaviour of Internet users, women receive more promo codes than men. 3 out of 4 users are ready to subscribe to a newsletter to obtain Thriftbooks coupons.


Mobile discount codes


Among the Mailorama panel, 2 out of 3 Internet users have never made a mobile purchase. Only 56% of mobile users used a promo code on mobile. This represents 8 out of 10 users who have never used promo code via a mobile application. Internet users find it still too complicated to use a code on mobile.


  • The screen too small
  • The problem of opening several tabs at the same time
  • The difficulty of copying or retaining the code


All these criteria are the main obstacles to the use of a promotional code on mobile. So you know now that to increase your sales and therefore your turnover, you must offer promotional codes to your visitors. According to the study, 2 out of 3 Internet users are even ready to add one or more products to their shopping cart in order to use promo code! Send interesting promotional codes to your customers or future customers via SMS, mail or display them directly on your site in a banner.

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