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Overstock coupon codes
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February 7th 2019

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Overstock coupon codes online

Better Details for the Perfect Coupon Codes Now

Consider the meaning of coupons, for example. Imagine an average person who every day goes the same way along the usual route: home-work-home. In his life, it often happens that laundry detergent, toothpaste or dishwashing detergent ends at home.

The person was lucky - on his way there are two shops of household chemicals and cosmetics. One store, let's call it A, is located right outside the house, and the second, B, is located across the street. It would be logical to assume that the person returning home after work chooses store A, especially as the prices for certain categories of goods in this store are lower than in the far. But no! He reaches a crossroads, stands at a traffic light, and waits for a green signal and goes to shop B. And so he does every time he has a need for household chemicals.

  • He does this for one simple reason - there is a promotion in store B, within which the buyer will receive several coupons for up to 35% OFF With Overstock coupon and promo codes or credit bonuses to his account that can be used on the next purchase. Coupons allow you to save money, which brings positive emotions to customers. Thus, over time, ordinary visitors turn into loyal customers and all thanks to the coupons.

  • What's the catch? Coupons give consumers only the illusion of economy. In fact, they make you spend more money. But despite this, our average person still goes over and over again and goes to shop B.

What was written above is a real example of how powerful coupons have a powerful customer retention force. In addition, with the help of coupons, you can promote new products, get feedback and opinions from your target audience and attract new customers. Online coupons are also gaining momentum since 2011, their use has increased by 13%. For the Overstock coupon codes, this is the best option. We are sure to have the best deals at Overstock now.

The visual infographics from Creative Guerrilla Marketing explain why coupon marketing is so valuable and how much it is spent by customers.

Coupon Benefits

What are coupons for? The discount coupon allows you to:

  • Get feedback for marketing strategy development;

  • Motivate consumers to repeat purchases;

  • Attract new customers;

  • Promote new products;

  • Test new products;

  • Increase loyalty and retain customers.

In 2013, 66,000,000 coupons were used in the online space.

Promotional codes are a great way to track and measure the return on investment invested in advertising. Just use different codes for different advertising sites (Google, Bing, and Facebook) in order to track how many sales each of them brings to you.

How do coupons work on mobile devices? 34% of smartphone owners purchase coupons through mobile apps.

74 100 000 - the predicted number of adult smartphone owners living in the United States who will use online coupons in 2015.

32,200,000 tablet owners residing in the United States used online coupons in 2012. The projected number of such users for 2015 is 68,700,000 people.

How to find customer acquisition channels for your business?

  • 53.7% of consumers say they are more focused on real needs, rather than desires in the process of making purchases.

  • 79.8% regularly use coupons.

  • 80% are amenable to any "lucrative offers."

  • 92% used coupons in 2013. In 2007, those were 63.6%.

  • 91% of consumers return to the store where they used or received a coupon for the next purchase.

  • 57% say they would not make a purchase if they did not have a coupon.

  • 62% of consumers spend two hours a week looking for discounts and great deals.

Coupons are used by all

Statistics show that among consumers using coupons, 53% of men and 47% of women. The leading age groups are from 18 to 25 years old and from 31 to 40. The least used coupons are adolescents - only 2% of them, and people over 60 - 3% of those. Coupons are most often used when buying clothes, shoes and accessories.

65% of consumers claim that online coupons are a decisive factor in the selection process.

63% of online shoppers, according to their own statement, will definitely return to the unformed order left in the cart if they are offered a coupon.