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Garena Free Fire | Exhilarating Free-to-Play PC Game

Are battle royale games your interest? Or maybe you’re up for action games that deal with tremendous violence and bloodshed battles so you can survive? If these games delight you, then you’ll have fun playing Garena Free Fire PC. This is not your typical survival game where you find various resources to build an abode or kill an animal to survive. This is a survive-to-win game, where you get to kill other opponents so you’ll remain the victor, just like the Hunger Games movies.

Playing Garena Free Fire PC is absolutely exhilarating. Besides the thrilling gameplay, another factor that makes the game fun to play is that most of the elements of the game are realistic. Graphics, sound effects, choice of weapons, you name it. Every element of the game is meant to make players feel that they are the characters. With this kind of game, you will probably get addicted to it.

Get to know more about what you can expect from the game.


Free Fire Free to Play

Diverse Garena Free Fire Modes

You get to play three different game modes in the Garena Free Fire game – the Classic Mode, Solo, Duo, or Squad Mode, Ranked Game, and Rush Hour. Let’s dig down what these modes are all about.


Free Fire Diverse Game Mode

Classic Mode is the Basic Mode

The Classic Mode is the default mode when you play the game for the first time. You get to beat 50 players on an island arena. You can choose between two locations for this mode: Purgatory or Bermuda. The choice is yours on which location you want to play.

Now, there are no rules for playing this mode. No requirements to unlock any weapons and no rules to follow. Just make sure to survive since the last man standing wins the game.


Free Fire Classic Basic Mode

Garena Free Fire PC’s Ranked Game

The next mode is the Ranked Game. This mode still has the same game mechanics with the Classic Mode, where you get to fight against 50 players. But here’s the difference – the map is selected at random. You cannot choose which location to play. Another thing is that it has a ranking system, so for this game, they need to win to earn stars (or points) to rank. Once they lose, they lose their chance to gain points.

In addition to earning stars/points, there are two points to remember when playing this mode. The first one is that you can only play this mode when you’re in level 10 already. The second point is that once you’re playing this mode, you’ll be rewarded with a 20% bonus on the cash you’ve earned in the game and experience points. Not bad for someone who doesn’t get points, right?


Frree Fire Rank Game Mode

Level Up the Challenge with Rush Hour Mode

Now, if you want fast-paced gameplay, you can choose the Rush Hour mode. In this mode, you get to fight in a smaller arena since you only get to battle it out against 20 players. However, the same rules as with the Classic Mode still applies. For this mode, you can only play it once a week, which is every Monday.


Free Fire Rush Hour Mode

Customized Modes for the Best Garena Free Fire Game

The last mode for this game is the Solo, Duo, and Squad Mode. This mode is still similar to the Classic Mode, but this time, you get to customize the gameplay. You can customize it by choosing what type of gameplay you want, either by Solo, Duo, or Squad.

Now, this mode is the option that you need to choose if you want to play with your friends. The first thing that you need to do is to add your friends to your account. Once they’re in your Game Friends tab already, that means they’ve accepted your invite. It’s also an indication that you can now play the Squad mode with them

Now that you’ve seen them on the Game Friends tab, you need to select the multiplayer game mode, which is found on the upper right corner of the Lobby. Then, choose Duo if you want to play it in a two-team mode, or Squad if you want to play it in a four-team mode. Once they’ve accepted the notification, you can now play with your friends.

Here’s what you need to remember when you’re playing in Duo or Squad Mode: when you’re knocked out to the ground, your allies can raise or help you. That way, you can still play the game.


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Basically, these modes make up the overall gameplay that you will expect in Garena Free Fire PC. Although there is so much more to cover in this game, one thing you should always remember is that you just have to survive. That’s it. And in this game, survival is not easy. So you need to learn the weapons and the maps to create a strategy that’ll help you win the game.

If you’re up for the challenge and intense competition of this game, you should definitely play Garena Free Fire PC now or similar action-packed games like Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire.

Game Features

  • Fast-paced 50-man Battle Royale Matches
  • Wide Variety of Characters to Choose From
  • Play with a Team of up to 4 Players with Voice Chat
  • Shorter Matches Mean Lesser Boring Moment
  • Plenty of Deadly Weapons Based in Real Life
Free Fire Features

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Check out these game screenshots.

Free Fire Game Screenshot
Free Fire Game Screenshot

Garena Free Fire | Exhilarating Free-to-Play PC Game