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Build Great Buildings & Evolve Your City

Do you dream of being a king or lord? Having a kingdom under your command and doing your best to turn it into a vast empire? If this is what you want, you will enjoy the Forge of Empires game. It’s a strategy game that InnoGames GmbH developed where you are the king or lord of a city. As a ruler, you are responsible for establishing your City and keeping it safe. The game starts during the stone age era. You begin with a small city that you need to grow and develop and advance to the next age. You will have to complete certain quests in each era before proceeding further. An example of pursuit is constructing new buildings or researching new technologies. But as you continue to construct buildings, you will start to realize that you are losing space. This matter means you will need to expand your territory, which will require an army. Your troops will l help you conquer new territory, as well as, also serve as your protection from other kings and lords who will try to take your area. As the king, it is your responsibility to build your City and protect it from other conquerors.

What’s Up With Building Your Empire?

Establish High Building Empire

The main feature of the game is the ability to build and develop a city. To achieve that, the first thing you can do is construct high buildings. Each building will serve a purpose in your City’s development. The good thing about this is that your City’s appearance changes as you enter into a new age. Aside from constructing buildings, you can also research new technologies. These technologies will further upgrade and develop your City while also unlocking certain functions. Specific tools and material will also strengthen your troops and armies, as well as improve your City’s defence. This matter will help significantly in conquering new territories or defending against attacks. It is important to remember that researching techs and constructing buildings will require resources. The game provides several ways for your City to earn funds that you can use for upgrades. Moreover, you will need to save enough resources to pay for the cost of the update. It can take a while, especially at the start. The game also offers in-app purchases. You can choose to spend real money and purchase the resources you need. Also, it will speed up the process and allow you to start upgrading.

Game Features

Expanding Territories

Hop into an Adventure in Forge of Empire

Another feature of Forge of Empires is that you don’t just play within your City. There is a bigger world outside, and you will need to explore it as well. As you continue to grow and develop, your City will soon run out of space for new buildings. This thing is where exploring and expanding your territory will come into play.

But beware, these new territories are not unoccupied. Don’t be surprised if you experienced some hostility from the inhabitants of these new lands. This thing is why it is also essential for you to train troops and build a strong army to help you conquer these new territories. Your army will also serve as your city and your territories protection from other kings who are trying to take your land away.

Furthermore, if fighting is not your thing, you can test your negotiating skills and choose to negotiate. You can confer with other players to have control of a particular territory to achieve your goals.

Socialize in the Community

Find your Friends in Forge of Empires Great Buildings

Another feature of the game is that it is an online multiplayer game. This thing means that you can play the game with other players. Now, this is both good and bad since other players can turn out to be an ally or a foe.

One of the things that you can do with other players is to trade resources. Let’s say you have a surplus of total supply, and you can sell that resource with the one that you need. You just need to find the right trading partner who needs what you have, and they have what you need.

Aside from trading, you can also work together with other players and negotiate, especially when it comes to expanding your empire. Doing this will save you both troops and resources since you won’t have to battle with the particular player who owns or is also after the territory.

But if you are someone who prefers war and battle over negotiating, then you can also battle against other players to take the territory and also get resources. Keep in mind that you will encounter more influential players. Besides, you might meet older gamers or those who are spenders and spends a lot of money on the game to get stronger faster.

The Best City Awaits

Build According to Your Style

Forge of Empires lets you explore your creativity and imagination by allowing you to build according to your style. Plan your City and erect the buildings as you see fit. There are hundreds of houses and castles of different types available for you.

Witness Your Empire Grow

Do you want to experience history as you make it? That’s what you can do in this fantastic strategy game. Forge of Empires lets you travel through the ages, seeing the various eras of humanity. With humble beginnings, transform your village into a town then into a bustling city. Push it a bit further and develop it into a vast megapolis. To achieve this level of growth and development, you need to be smart and systematic. And it is not just about building houses and structures; you also need to be efficient in allocating your resources.

Will you be able to make the best of your land? Plan your tiny village well and aim to grow it into a lively metropolis in Forge of Empires.

A Worthwhile Journey

Compete Around the World

Did you know that the game has an online PVP multiplayer mode? Compete in tactical battles and conquer new realms to expand your territory and get the loot. It’s a great way to fast-track the development of your City. But if you are not in the mood for battles, you can engage in trade with your neighbors. You can offer to exchange your goods with something you need for your City.

Glorious Civilization Game

Forge of Empires easily stands out as the leading city-building game. It combines the top elements of strategic gameplay and visual appeal to create an excellent adventure. And not only that, it brings people from around the world together.

Encounter Real-Life Game Events

Guess what! There are cool real-life events that you can join in Forge of Empires. Watch out for happenings online during Easter, Halloween, and Christmas. From time to time, there are also special events that let you win cool rewards and awesome prizes.

Best Free-To-Play Match

You can download this fantastic strategy game without cost to you. But while you can install it for free, there are some features that you can buy with real money. However, you can disable this in-app purchase feature.

Plan Your City

One of the main parts of the game is the City, where you have to build structures for the citizens. You would also need to manufacture and produce resources to provide for your inhabitants. Besides, you would also need to build up an army to bring down other settlements. The City is out in square grids, and the buildings must be in the right position from the start.

To build your perfect City and ideal empire, take note of this planning guide. This matter might ensure you bring all your buildings from a single piece into a masterpiece.

  • Put Town Hall anywhere you want to, however, make sure that all roads lead to it.
  • All Forge of empires high buildings should have a path that connects to the Town Hall. So, roads should be straight with fewer turns for it to be efficient.
  • Also, buildings should get arranged in columns or rows with the same width.
  • To fill out empty spaces, you can use decorations. Of course, you don’t want your empire to get left behind by designs. This time is the best time for you to get creative. So, max out all the opportunities that you can get.
  • For your territory to run efficiently, you would need to sell out of date buildings to free up space.
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Game Guides

Forge of Empires Game Guide: What to Focus in the Game?

If you are a big fan of online strategy games, you would love the Forge of the Empires game. The game’s objective is to be able to develop and expand your territory into a bustling metropolis. At the beginning of the game, you start from being a chieftain with just a few tents.

The Forge of Empires PC game will test your tactical skills, diplomacy, and military might dominate the game. One of the best plans is to annihilate cities and challenge other players in turn-based warfares. After you defeat your enemies, you will acquire precious commodities needed to grow your empire. Lead your kingdom from the swamps of obscurity in the Stone Ages to the Middles Ages, and down to present-day times. 

Want to know what to focus on in the game? Here is a quick guide on how you can create a vast empire. 

Plan your own city in the Forge of Empires desktop game

One of the main parts of the game is the City, where you have to build structures for the citizens. You would also need to manufacture and produce resources to provide for your inhabitants. In addition, you would also need to build up an army to bring down other settlements. The City is laid out in square grids, and the buildings must be in the right position from the start. 

Here are some suggestions on how you can arrange the buildings.

  • You can put the Town Hall anywhere you want to, however, make sure that all roads lead to it.
  • To function, all buildings should have a path that is connected to the Town Hall. Roads should be straight with fewer turns for it to be efficient.
  • Buildings should also be arranged in columns or rows with the same width.
  • To fill out empty spaces, you can use decorations.
  • For your territory to be run efficiently, you would need to sell out of date buildings to free up space. 
Guide to armies and battles

Whoever wants to succeed in forging an empire must be prepared to fight battles. In the Forge of Empires PC, the armed forces play a central role in order to triumph over other players. Use your units to your full advantage and attack other territories on the Continent map.

There are a few things you need to remember when putting your plan of action for your units.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Ensuring strategies in battle are in place, and army management is carefully mapped out.
  • You would also need to make sure you have a variety of units and what kind of damage each attack can cause.
  • There are different types of terrain on the battle map that you need to familiarize yourself with. Knowing what kind of terrain your troops are in helps you plant out the battle well.
  • Buffs are another vital part of the game as the unit’s stats can be influenced by a percentile boost. In defense boost, all units get a bonus for their defense stats only. This means when they are attacked; they take less damage. While in military boost, the attacking army receives a bonus for both their attack and defense stats. This means they would deal more with less damage.
  • One of the best features of the Forge of Empires download is knowing which special skills to acquire and use.
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Knowledge Base

What Life Lessons Can You Learn in Forge of Empires?

Did you know Forge of Empires US can bring positive influence in your life? While it may seem like an ordinary game to outsiders, it can teach you a life lesson or two. From kids to adults, this city-building strategy game can benefit the personal growth of people of all ages.

The Value of Patience

Yes, you can speed up things by using diamonds. But you don’t have to. Instead of spending your precious commodity, you can save it and just wait for everything to replenish. Forge of Empires is all about patience and focusing on waiting to earn your rewards.

So sit back and relax and just work on what you need to do as your resources are replenishing. Let your forge points, supplies, and in-game money fill up, following their usual growth cycles. As they say, patience is a virtue, and this is a life lesson that Forge of Empires seeks to impart. In life, there are a lot of things we want to have and have it quickly.

For instance, some people want to buy the latest phone or gadget. But instead of rushing out and taking a swipe with the credit card, why not wait to save enough cash? Forge of Empires teaches you to wait while you work to get what you desire. More importantly, it tells you not to blow a paycheck or, worse, take credit until you are ready and able. Don’t you think this is a relevant lesson in today’s world?

Loyalty Among People

In Forge of Empires, it takes more than just trust and teamwork to finish the quests and reach the goals. These two can only go so far. What is essential in the long run is loyalty. And just like in the game, reliability is crucial in the real world. It is good to know someone will stick by you and pick you first no matter what happens. So if someone offers their loyalty, then you are lucky. The best thing you can do is reciprocate that loyalty to them.

Loyalty is also a great way to build useful alliances in real life. Together with your partners, you can grow and blossom as you build each other up. Moreover, wouldn’t it be nice to have someone you can reach out to when you need a helping hand? Loyalty is such a beautiful thing in this ever-changing world filled with challenges.

Perseverance and Determination

Resources can get scarce, or there may be delays in progression through the eras. It can get tempting to quit the game, but those who endure the hard times get some reward. Often a neglected trait in real life, perseverance is the ability to stand up after every fall. When times are hard, and the blows keep coming, it’s not how hard you can get hit. What’s important is how you can weather the storm and keep moving forward.

Planning and Building

Long-term planning is crucial to success in the game as well as in real life. In Forge of Empires US, you make the necessary allocations so as not to run out of land space and resources. You make provisions to ensure the continued growth of your empire. In real life, you also need to make plans and stick to them. It helps you project your goals and guide you in achieving your objectives. Policies define the scope of your undertaking and help you stay focused on the task.

After all, your skill can even develop more as you play the game. Trying to cope with what you learn and applying it to real-life might be useful sooner or later. Who knows? The Forge of Empire game might be the start of a career that you never expected. So, try to play the game now. Sharing this game would also mean good for a bonding and happy moment with your loved one.

Overall, the game does not only instill a lot of fantastic features but great value and moral lessons to learn. As a player, it would be nice teaching these priceless treasure not only with your friends but anyone in the community online. Forge of Empires itself might have a lot more things to prove. But the most important thing is that one does not only live within the game but with the lesson infused with everyone.

Well, don’t wait up and play the game now! Your City is waiting for you.