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Welcome to the Tao Light Massage Newsletter archive. Tao Calligraphy Light Massage is a revolutionary Source Healing Field service for the soul, heart, mind and body. During Tao Calligraphy Light Massage, you'll be nourished and bathed in Tao Source love, light, frequency and vibration. The pure information and energy of Tao Source is infused into your being, from head to toe, skin to bone.

Each session can help transform your negative information, energy and matter to positive information, energy and matter in the soul, heart, mind, and body. In the session, Tao Source love, light, frequency and vibration come to each one to help prevent illness, heal, rejuvenate, and prolong life. Tao Calligraphy Light Massage helps to wash away blockages and support relaxation, healing, and rejuvenation of your entire being.

Master Sha created this extraordinary Source Field Healing Service so that everyone can receive the unconditional love and light of Tao Source to help them progress on their healing and transformation journey.

Everyone can benefit from Tao Calligraphy Light Massage!

Enjoy our weekly issues of just a few of the stories from participants of Tao Calligraphy Light Massage - many who joined for the first time.


Issue 2

Physical Body

Chronic pain gone after thirty years made me truly speechless

During the Tao Light Massage, something amazing and extraordinary happened! I began to feel tingling sensations in my abdomen. I have suffered with chronic abdominal pain for over thirty years. I am in pain every day, ranging from 4 to 9 out of 10. The pain has even sent me to the emergency room a few times. Once, I was admitted to the hospital for ten days, but the pain continued. For the past week, the pain had again reached a level 9. When the pain is at this high level, it is very challenging to function and I feel very hopeless. The Tao Light Massage brought immediate relief as my abdominal pain decreased from a level 9 to a level 5. I was so happy. I could function again! Then, the amazing and extraordinary healing experience continued. Over the next twenty-four hours, the level 5 pain reduced to barely a 1! I am truly speechless. My chronic pain and suffering are gone! Tao Light Massage is a most amazing and extraordinary healing and transformation modality.

- J. T.

Major relief from many years of severe lupus symptoms in two days

I have suffered from lupus for nearly fifteen years, including more than six years when I was completely bedridden. Soul healing has helped me out of my bedridden condition, but I still get sudden chronic pain in wrists, fingers and joints, as well as pain in the heart making it difficult to breathe. During the Tao Calligraphy Healing Field and Tao Light Massage sessions, I had pain and stiffness at level 8 in my wrists and fingers. After the blessings, it came down to 4. I could see light radiating in all my organs and could breathe deeply. I was completely amazed and so happy. Didn't have any painkillers that night and slept well. The next morning, the pain was level 2. Body felt light and so much better. Then, I received Master Sha's May 22 Tao Light Massage at the soul level. Today, May 23, there is no pain at all!

- A. K.

Months of shoulder pain reduced significantly

Every time I am with Master Sha, various aches and pains subside. I've had right shoulder pain for several months. With self and group practices, including forgiveness, the pain can be significantly reduced, but then it returns. My shoulder pain increased through the night and reached level 8 this morning, with range of motion less than fifty percent. Lying down to receive Tao Light Massage with Master Sha in the Tao De Da Ai Calligraphy Field, I saw blockages melt and my pain dissipated. After the light massage, the pain continued to clear down to 2. I am extremely grateful.

- J. S.

My Third Eye showed me how profound Tao Light Massage healing is

I have suffered with hip conditions for fifty-one years. I had a dislocated right hip at birth. As a young child, I wore corrective shoes with boards nailed to the bottoms. The shoes went on backwards to correct my feet and legs. It was called being severely pigeon toed. As a teenager, I practiced walking with books on my head. This continued into my adult years. As an adult, my severe hip challenges at certain times would prevent me from walking. I would immediately have to stop walking and hold on to something so I would not fall. Even recently, the blockages can ignite and I feel as if my hips don't work but my legs do. My hips pop in and out (energetically) at times, with the pain level around 8 or 9. It is a strange feeling but has been my way of life. When I try to lose weight, my hips feel like they have to adjust and they don't like it, preventing me from exercising, running, biking, swimming and walking far any distance. My feet also have accumulated pressure stress points that have grown and cause me pain when I walk.

In the May 15, 2021 Tao Light Massage last week, I asked for healing for my hips. I could see in my Third Eye waves of light healing going into my hips. As soon as I began a forgiveness practice, I could see a first layer of darkness removed. I could feel work being done in my left hip. I asked why the left hip? Heaven responded that my left hip has taken the brunt of weight so more work is needed on this side. I then could see two saints on each side of my hips. I could see them as doctor saints getting ready to operate. I could really feel the blockages being removed; it caused some pain. I then saw one of the doctor saints cut into my hip and what looked liked deep black smoke drained out of the incision. I could feel the release. I am very grateful!

I waited a week to allow further shifting and observation. My left hip feels stronger, more solid. I feel like I have a new hip! The shift is deep where I saw the incision being made to release the dark energy. My hips feel great! I am walking different with less pain when I go up the stairs. I will continue to ask for healing for my hips in each of the Tao Light Massage sessions I am able to attend in the future. Pain level is now at a 1. Thank you so much for Tao Light Massages!

- D. J.

Years of pain related with endometriosis significantly melted away, bringing hope for complete healing

I have struggled with lower back and pelvis pain daily since 2018 and have received manual therapy and other treatments which did not really help. In 2019 I learned that this severe pain is related to endometriosis. Every day, the pain is around level 4, sometimes climbing up to 8 and causing my whole body—legs, shoulders, neck, head—to ache. At the start of the Tao Light Massage yesterday, the pain was at level 6. During the massage, I lied down on a yoga mat and saw with my spiritual eyes a huge funnel bringing bright light down to cover my entire body. I also saw many holy beings all around me performing all kinds of spiritual treatments in different areas of my body, including my face and left side of my head. I felt warmth in my body and a lot of movement in certain areas, like my lower abdomen and pelvis as well as my legs.

In the second part of the session where Dr. and Master Sha offered a special blessing with his Tao Healing Hands, I sat up and saw very bright laser light coming out of his hand right to my heart area. My heart became very warm. It felt like a lot of energy was shooting through my body and removing blockages, and then I sensed a huge rush of energy in my lower back and pelvis. When I looked closer with my spiritual eyes, I was shown that the laser light was a stream that came from a kind of laser sword that Master Sha was holding. I have only seen such things in fantasy movies before and was very amazed to experience this.

The pain in my lower back went down to 3 right after the healing and this morning I woke up for the very first time this week with significantly less pain in my whole body. I could do certain movements with much more ease and I could bend forward with much less pain. I feel my body is still healing and adjusting on deep levels and I am looking forward to the next Tao Light Massage today and have faith that very soon this pain will be healed. I am deeply thankful for the Tao Light Massages.

- M. K.

Mental Body

My Third Eye abilities increased to bless my intelligence

During today's Tao Light Massage Session, I asked for a blessing for my intelligence. I felt intense vibration in my head and saw a lot of light in my Third Eye, which is not fully open. I'm able to see light but any Images I see are usually blurred. I have been working on a lifelong dream of writing, illustrating (although I don't draw fluently) and publishing a children's book. Near the end of the session, I could see clear images of my character in black ink on white paper in different poses and settings. I also got the message that the Tao Light Massage removed many blockages in my brain so that it will be easier for me to draw what I will visualize in my mind now. Tao Source knew what I needed without my asking!

- Y.L.

Tao Light Massage brings mental and emotional balance not felt in years

From participating in the Tao Light Massage, I felt an abiding presence of being more loved, grounded, nurtured, safe, comfortable and at home than I have in years. I feel happy, peaceful, emotionally balanced and back to feeling like myself. I am so deeply grateful.

- Z. N.

This is revolutionary massage!

I thought the Tao Light Massage with Master Sha would be a wonderful moment to relax. Once I lay down, I realized my thoughts were so active. I have been busy with many activities and plans, and found myself making lists and reviewing and anticipating what was next. Hardly relaxed!

Once the Tao Light Massage started, I could feel my whole body begin to release like a clenched fist opening effortlessly. My body began to tingle and I could feel myself drifting into stillness, almost like floating. Wow! I had no idea I was so far from being relaxed until I went into such a blissful state. When the Tao Light Massage was over, I felt like I had just awakened from a very refreshing night's sleep. My energy was alert. My body was still and calm. My mind was quiet.

This is revolutionary massage, no painful rubbing or having to get up and leave the office. All received in the comfort of my home, with light touch and frequency!

- T. B.