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Deca Durabolin Effects and Results- What to expect and the Ideal Dose?

Certain effects of the Deca Durabolin have made it one of most helpful and useful anabolic steroids that any bodybuilder could use. This steroid carries tremendously high level for toleration and it is also one of the best anabolic steroids for a good promotion of the lean muscle mass, and it also has therapeutic claims which one cannot simply ignore.

While all of the effects of this Deca Durabolin have already been discussed, you still may want to take a more comprehensive look on user reviews. You must know whatever it is that you need to expect from the use of this steroid. On the other hand, the side effects also need to be taken into account.

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The effects of the Deca Durabolin substance could lead to extreme growth on a person's lean muscle. On the other hand, it must not be thought as if it is a magical hormone; you need to so you can attain this kind of growth. For you to grow, you really need to consume a great amount of calories. However, when the excess intake has gone too far, your body fat could get out of control. Some bodybuilders strongly advocate the idea of using HGH with Deca Durabolin, because of the weight loss properties of HGH.

For most people, they are only going to need a little increase on the above maintenance, yet the exact increase is going to differ from man to ever man. Whenever the right caloric intake is already found, the effects of this steroid are going to improve the growth of the tissue on your body. This can be greatly achieved by the ability of the steroid to improve the IGF-1 and the protein synthesis production.

An individual must at the same time adjust his training regime to decrease the chances of body fat while using the steroid.

While all of the effects of this Deca Durabolin on lean mass promotion are strong, people should understand that the effects are not going to happen overnight.

The effects of this Deca Durabolin could always lead to water retention, however, this one is really easy to control, using anti-estrogens like Nolvadex or Cabergoline can really go a long way, yet a proper diet could also help a lot. People who have more water retention usually blame the steroid, but the problem might also be in their diet.

Given a chance that you eat excessively, particularly those of the carbohydrates, you are going to hold water. This is going to hold true with or without the use of an anabolic steroid. On the other hand, with the use of an aromatizing steroid, this could improve the problem. You need to control your diet and control your estrogen as well and must show a consistency in your training.

Deca Durabolin FAQs - Ideal dose

The optimal dose of Deca Durabolin for men is 2mg per pound of body weight or 250–500mg per week for 8-12 weeks. Some athletes and bodybuilders make use of this steroid in low doses at 200mg per week or as high as 600mg per week.

For female athletes, the deca can be taken in doses of 50-150mg per week for 4-7 weeks.

Using Proviron or Nolvadex at the end or towards the end of a steroid cycle involving Deca as one of the products is highly recommended. This strategy can prevent estrogenic side effects and rejuvenate the all-natural manufacturing of testosterone.

There is another natural side-effect free alternative to the anti-estrogens like Nolvadex. It is called Gynectrol and is highly recommended.


This anabolic steroid is generally stacked with testosterone propionate, Anadrol, Dianabol, testosterone cypionate, testosterone suspension, testosterone enanthate, and Sustanon 250.

People also add Bromocriptine or Cabergoline to a Deca Durabolin cycle for avoiding a marginal reduction in the level of naturally-producing testosterone.

It can be taken as a deep injection into a muscle like upper leg, upper arm, or buttocks.

It can also be taken in oral legal form, that is side-effect free.


Primarily designed to treat people diagnosed with muscle wasting diseases, Deca Durabolin has the possibility to enhance bone density and muscle growth. Use of this steroid for a period of six to eight weeks is associated with a remarkable escalation in the creation of red blood cells and treating joint problems experienced by some athletes during rigorous workout routines.

This steroid is typically used during mass gain or dieting stages and is one of the very few steroids that can be used in both the off-season and before a professional competition.

Deca may also be employed to substantially enhance necessary protein synthesis, nitrogen retention, overall performance, and stamina.

This anabolic compound is a breeze on the liver and is hardly ever associated with hair loss, skin irritation, and acne. Deca is also an anabolic substance that one can think of when they think about significant improvements in terms of recuperation and recovery time between intense workouts and has the potential to mask minor joint pain and old irritating injuries.