What is your Social Media marketing strategy?

Most startups, bloggers, affiliate marketers and small businesses do not have a budget for advertising. This is where the skillful use of Social Media helps. Most of these networking sites are free with the ability to upgrade at a later date to receive additional facilities for a fee. There are also many software tools that can help you manage your use of social media and most of these are free. That is good news. I like free stuff. The main problem is that many website owners do not know how to properly upload interesting attention grabbing posts to these sites. In the next few pages of this tutorial I will guide you on how to use social media to improve your website's traffic and sales on a zero budget. I will also tell you what not to do. I have run a number of niche interest websites and an online shop since 1995. I use social media to promote them all. I want to share with you what I have found works.

Before you start using social media as a marketing strategy make sure that your website is mobile friendly. It should be a responsive designed website that automatically adjusts itself to fit the size of screen that is viewing your website pages. Next step is to make sure it complies with all Google's search engine optimization webmaster rules. Have a read of my free "Do it yourself SEO tutorial" for small business website owners. Click here

Social media marketing on a budget

Social Media marketing in the beginning is not about advertising. Rule number on is do not try to sell. This is the most common mistake that brands and bloggers do not realize. I know it sounds strange as the reason you are delving into social media is to promote your business, charity or blog, but it is the biggest turn off. Just consider your own use of social media and I include e-mail in that. What do you dislike? Being bombarded with special offers, discount codes, news on sales, buy one get one free and coupons for stuff you are not interested in is top of most peoples lists. If you are waiting at a bus stop or on a train, going to work, you want something good to read, some news, not ads.

social media markleting is not about advertising

Your messages should be fun, friendly, informative, helpful, interesting and full of advice. Your potential customers should look forward to receiving your next update. It is going to involve a lot of work on your side but the results are worth it. I will cover some ideas on how to captivate your audience later in the tutorial

Social media marketing rule number one is do not try to sell

I still see companies make the same mistake of trying to sell, sell, sell. You have to build up a good following of potential customers interested in what your are offering first. Continually posting offers, coupons and discounts does not work. They still have print media advertising mentality. The adverts in magazines and newspapers worked because journalists had written something interesting to read. This is why people purchased them, not to read the adverts. If you start a social media marketing campaign then you now have to provide the interesting content before you can introduce promotions.

Social media marketing is not all about offers