Help! What has happened to my website

Over the past twenty years I have been involved in running a number of websites. I have a number of niche interest sights and I own an online shop that sells fishing flies to customers around the world. Because I followed Google's webmaster rules on how to correctly optimize internet pages for Google's search engine, nearly all my shop's products are on the first page of Google's search engine results page (SERP). I want to tell you how I did that so you can improve your small business website

Google has change the rules for website search engine optimization

Following Google's Webmaster guidelines to optimize your website's pages is called using white hat techniques after the old cowboy films where the good guys wore white Stetson hats and the bad cowboys wore black hats. Search Engine Optimization companies that do not follow Google's rules and try to spam the search engine algorithm are called black hats. You do not want to be a black hat because you are in danger of having your website kicked out of Google's search engine result pages. No one will be able to find your website and your will go bankrupt because of no new sales income.

Over the next few pages I will show you how I got my product pages to the front of Google's search engine result pages so you can have a good chance of doing the same. Before we start you must realize that this will take a lot of work on your behalf. There is not get rich quick approach. You will have to do a lot of writing or spend money on getting some one to write useful information to put on your website pages. You do not have to employ an expensive SEO company. Many small business owners like myself cannot afford the rates they charge. You can do the work yourself if you are prepared to put in the effort. It is not hard. You can DIY SEO but you need to know what to do so as not to be given a Google penalty for doing the wrong thing that is contrary to Google's webmaster rules.

I live and work in London. I talk to many small business owners, mummy entrepreneurs, sole traders like plumbers and electricians, bloggers, affiliate marketers and restaurant owners at Meetups in London. Most have no idea what they are doing and why their website is failing to bring in much needed traffic. I try to give advice to as many as I can and show them how best to change their website layout. I do not have the time to make the changes myself as I am running my own company. I have produced these pages as a DIY do it yourself guide to SEO search engine optimization for small business website owners. I hope you find the information useful. Send me an e-mail to tell me if making the changes to your site has had an effect.