You must have a Natural Link Building Profile

If you find a good way of obtaining links to your website be careful not to concentrate only on that method. Google's algorithm looks for un-natural link building profiles as an indicator of someone trying to cheat the system. A natural website link profile will have a links coming from a number of different sources like, blogs, other company websites, social media, article directories, wiki sites, review sites, education and government websites. If your website has great content then Google will expect to see a link profile like the one above. The major percentage of in bound links have come from people talking about this site on Social networks, blogs and other company websites. If you had links just from Article directory sites then this would look wrong.

Google checks for unatural link building profiles

The text that is used when a link is made to your website is examined by Google for evidence of spamming and link buying. In the past companies have used automated software to build thousands of links for their clients that have used the same keywords every time. This is called the Anchor Text. Google uses this as an indicator that you have been doing something naughty and will therefore downgrade your website. You must make sure that you have a variety of different words used on links to your site so your anchor text link profile looks natural. If you look at the pie chart below for a fly fishing website your will see that the websites address has been used in links that point to the site as well as keywords like fly fishing flies, trout fishing and salmon fishing. It is also natural to have links that include the words click here, read more and learn more.

Google checks to see the the texton links pointing to your website is not all the same