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How to construct social media Twitter Marketing tweets

Craig Moore Computer Consultancy
Advice for website developers and business on how to use social media.
Proof that Twitter brings traffic to your website

image showing proof that twitter brings traffic to your site

Twitter is a waste of time as a website promotional Tool
That statement is so wrong. Many SEO Search Engine Optimisation professionals dismiss Twitter because the links back to your website in tweets do not help in your Google ranking. They are "no follow" links. You improve your website's ranking in the Google search result pages if you have lots of one way back links from reputable websites.

Print this page, show it around the office, talk about this with others.

In the table above you can see a report on how many clicks I had on links found in my promotional tweets on Twitter. The tweets are for different websites but what is important is the column of numbers on the right.  The amount of each clicks range from 10 to 83. That means by sending out a tweet I have encouraged that amount of people to visit one of my web pages

The numbers may not sound a lot but even in the lowest example that is still 10 new potential customers looking at what I have to offer on my website. It is hard and expensive to get new customers. With Twitter you can go new customer hunting for free. Sending out a tweet does not cost you anything but a few moments of your time

To be able to track how many clicks the links in your tweets are receiving use a long web address URL shortening service like There are many others. Some you will find are included in applications that schedule tweets and send them out at a time specified by you. I use These websites all have the ability to produce a report to show how many times that link was clicked

This is great if you are running a social media campaign. The boss or client always wants to know figures and facts. Well by using a web address URL shortening service you will be able to provide them with the data they want. Again this analytics does not cost you any money.

You can study the information and work out what type of tweets bring the most traffic. Just looking at the small table above it is easy to see that tweets on how to find cheap train tickets is the most popular. This page is an information page financed by advertisement. To increase my income I have now added more advice pages on the same subject but with a regional variation. These new pages will also be promoted by using twitter.

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