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How to construct social media Twitter Marketing tweets

Craig Moore Computer Consultancy
Advice for website developers and business on how to use social media.
What is the best time to send marketing Tweets

Image of New York statue of Liberty. The best time to send social media promotional tweets is 5pm GMT as it will be lunch time in NY

5pm GMT Greenwich Mean Time is the best time to send out Tweets
Tweets normally have a limited life time of only a few hours. If you want your social media promotional tweets to reach the most people then you have to send them out around 5pm Greenwich mean time.

Why 5pm GMT? Think about when most people read tweets on Twitter. When they wake up and go to work. When they have a lunch break and when they are going home. Many companies do not allow their employees to use social media in the work place. Others are too busy doing work.

Print this page, show it around the office, talk about this with others.

At 5pm GMT Europeans are about to go home. In New York and on America's east coast it is lunch time. In California and the American West Coast workers are getting up and going to work at 9am. In Sydney Australia it will be 4am but your tweet should still be around for them to read when they wake up in a few hours.

If you run a company with customers from around the world like I do then schedule your tweets to go out around 5pm GMT to get maximum exposure. There are many applications that will do this for you. I use

You should only be sending out three or four tweets a day. Any more and it feels like a robot is sending them out. If I find someone I am following is bombarding me with tweets I get annoyed and just click the Unfollow button. Do not annoy your potential customers. Space out your tweets by about 15 minutes. Schedule them to go out at 5pm 5.15pm 5.30pm 5.45pm and 6pm GMT.

If you live and work on the East coast of the USA you should be sending out your tweets at around 12 noon local time. If you are on the west coast of the USA you should schedule your tweets to be sent at 9am local time. It should be the first thing you do when you get into work whilst you are having a cup of coffee. The British and Irish should be sending them out at 5pm just before they go home. It should be the last task of the day. Where as if you live in mainland Europe you should be sending tweets out at 4pm because of the one hour time difference with Britain's GMT. If you work in South Africa your tweets should be sent at 7pm local time. If you work in East Coast Australia your tweets should be sent at 4am local time and at 6am for New Zealand.

Image of San Francisco cable cars - At 5pm GMT USA west coast is just going to work. That is when you should send tweets.

Send your tweets at 5pm GMT

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