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iHerb is a multibrand online store for health products. The company’s product range covers: dietary supplements, vitamin complexes, sport nutrition as well as face/body skin and hair care products. iHerb is one of the largest online stores for original health products from leading global brands. Just check the store’s advantages to understand why thousands of healthy-lifestyle fans choose this marketplace as their primary shopping site.

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To live a long life, you have to stick to proper diet and not to avoid physical activity. The average life expectancy in the world has been growing over the last decade. People pay more attention to food quality and give up alcohol. However, strong health depends not only on a well-balanced diet and physical activity. It is necessary to support your body with biologically active supplements and vitamin-mineral complexes. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find quality products in many drugstores. On the other hand, such supplements are not affordable to everyone. iHerb, a globally renowned store, is here to help you.

The Truth about Dietary Supplements

Supplements are biologically active additives that contain a complex of substances to be taken with meal. They have a positive effect on body functions and positioned as something in between foods and medicines. At the current stage of market development, there are products which are positioned as dietary supplements but are not always produced under proper control. Traditionally, advanced technologies and raw materials of highest quality are used in the dietary supplement production.