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Bluehost Hosting : Plans, Features & Coupons

With the forward marching of technology, life seems to become easier and easier. Nowadays, one of the essentials in the modern era to translate your business into something authentic and big requires its publication on the internet.

The internet is open to the general public and can view your website. Like this, your company can receive the recognition it needs. However, it isn't very simple to start your own website from home.

It's not practical to have your own personal computer connected to the internet to serve a number of web pages since a home internet connection is not strong enough to serve the purpose of serving many users all at the same time. Hence, the need for web hosting arises.

What Is Web Hosting?

It is a type of service that allows individuals, groups, corporations or organizations to have their own websites accessible to the general public through the World Wide Web. Web hosting companies not only allow a part of their servers to be used by clients but also internet connectivity.

Another popular use of web hosting services is blogging. With growing populations having easy access to the internet, blogging enables one with an opportunity to share their ideas with the general public.

Thoughts can be exchanged, and you can soon find yourself swimming through a wealth of knowledge. You can get easy feedback. Often, blogging can also be considered therapeutic as writing down how you feel can take a huge load off you. 

Why Choose Bluehost?

Bluehost is one of the top web hosting service providers. There are some reasons why you should choose Bluehost:

  • Cheap hosting services and domain registration when combined with Bluehost coupon code.
  • A wide range of hosting services.
  • Recommended by some bloggers.
  • Premium services.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Addon websites and disk space.
  • One click to WordPress installation. 

It is ahead of several other web hosting service providers as it is cheap, easy installation and provides several premium benefits. Moreover, Bluehost services become very affordable with the help of Bluehost coupons.

Thus, Bluehost aims at providing their services to everyone from individuals to large conglomerates at an affordable price, and they do so successfully with the introduction of Bluehost coupons. Thus, they successfully acquire new customers and at the same time have their old customers satisfied.

With the help of this coupon, you can save up to 51%. On special occasions, with various sales, you can even get a discount up to 80-85%. The coupon codes are fairly simple to use as well. All it requires is a simple click. 

Bluehost has successfully found its niche with web hosting services. Such that, Bluehost is the first name that pops up in anyone's mind when it comes to web hosting services.

It is not without any reason why they are so reliable in the field of web hosting services. They provide state of the art technology coupled with superb support quality. No wonder Bluehost has managed to maintain a stunning record ever since its inception in 2003.

Furthermore, Bluehost has partnered with WordPress to enhance user support further. WordPress is well known for its content management system and blog administration systems.

With the WordPress tools at your hand, Bluehost undeniably becomes one of the most sought-after web hosting service providers. Bluehost even provides coupons for its premium content.

Premium content involves the use of virtual private servers. These servers are employed when shared servers are not sufficient to fulfill your needs. A virtual private server has some distinct advantages like: 

  • Clients have a greater degree of control.
  • Servers are more stable.
  • Enhanced performance.
  • Resources are shared less. 

The Benefits Of Bluehost Doesn't End Here:

Bluehost utilizes the power that's kept out of reach normally in Google apps with the help of their one-click integration technology. Thus, enhancing your efficiency in handling your business, by providing secure online storage along with a wide range of other uses. Bluehost also boasts an incredible customer support.

Most of the information can be easily accessed in their frequently asked question portals. Furthermore, you can always contact a team of professionals through their customer care service which is always at your service 24/7.

Bluehost guarantees money return in case a client doesn't agree with the terms and conditions of a contract. Bluehost also provides cloud hosting services. Thus, they decentralize their server load and simultaneously use multiple servers at once.

Normally, shared hosting employs the use of a single server at once. This provides a seamless experience should one of the servers fail; a website can easily switch to another server and continue to work flawlessly.

Test results even suggest that cloud hosting has a performance of approximately 600% greater than shared hosting. Thus, in case of high traffic, it eliminates server crash. Bluehost makes it pivotal to provide the topmost security to their clients. Thus, it provides password protection and encryption.

It also features both shared and dedicated SSL certificates. Bluehost also prevents data loss by keeping backups. Adding to the ocean of features, Bluehost also provides you with a dozen free applications to enhance the appearance of your website making it more customizable and interactive. 

What Are The Various Plans You Can Get?

There are three plans at the moment, namely:

  1. Basic ($2.95/month)
  2. Plus ($5.45/month)
  3. Prime ($5.45/month) 

The most popular package is the plus package and considered value for money. Primarily, since you can take advantage of the extra services such as WordPress hosting, virtual private server hosting, dedicated hosting and so on.

However, it is essential that you choose a package according to your needs and what your future may need as well. Old clients can make monthly payments but not within the first year of using their services. You can also upgrade your package.

Conclusion - With the number of services that Bluehost provide, you can now easily start your website to pursue your business dreams or can start your own blogging career and become an internet sensation

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