Mexico City

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Cathedral Plaza de la Constitucion (Zocalo). The largest cathedral in the American continent. Its construction started in 1573 according to the design plans of Claudio de Arcinieaga and its construction lasted for more than 300 years.
(photo from Wikitravel.Org page on Mexico City)

In April 2007 we flew down to Mexico City for a quick, four-day-in-all trip, using up some airline tickets that were "use or lose" from our cancelled January trip to Oaxaca.  The flight down from Phoenix courtesy of Aeroméxico was pleasant and featured something not often seen on short flights any more - food!  :-)

The view from the air coming into the city was nearly nonexistent, due to the thick blanket of smog that made seeing even the nearby, should-be-imposing volcanoes Popocatepetl and Ixtlacihuatl difficult.   However once on the ground, the smog was scarcely noticeable.

Our hotel for this stay was the fine Galeria Plaza hotel on Hamburgo in the Zona Rosa (see map below right).  Click the link below for a second page
of photos.

Monumento Angel de la Independencia, Zona Rosa - literally
about a block from our hotel
(photo by Wikitravel.Org user:Fabz)

Map of the country...Cholula and Puebla
are to the east of Mexico City

An Olmec bust at the National
Anthropological Museum

Volcanoes Popocatepetl (left, farther
back, steaming a bit) and Ixtlacihuatl
(right, "sleeping woman") seen from the
road to Puebla

City districts - our hotel was in the
Zona Rosa

Around and About Mexico City

Everywhere you go...there they are!
The ubiquitous green and white
VW taxi.

Palacio de Bellas Artes (Opera House)

One of many churches...

Street scene

Palacio Nacional on the Zocalo

Palacio Nacional

In the Palacio Nacional, murals painted
by Diego Rivera that describe the
history of Mexico from the pre-columbian
age to the mexican revolution

Murals along the second floor

Robert admiring a mural

View of Aztec ruins beneath the Zocalo

The Zocalo, at 57,200 square meters is
one of the largest squares in the world

The Cathedral

Cathedral doors...

Robert out front of the cathedral

...and the gold altar inside

Another altar within the

Inside the cathedral

A musician playing a hand-organ
(from Berlin, no less) outside the

Equestrian monument to King Charles
IV of Spain outside the National Museum

More churches...

Paseo de la Reforma, on our
way to el Bosque del Chapultepec

Liza at the Bosque del Chapultepec
(tepec is Aztec for hill; chapul means

Robert at the Bosque del

At the botanic garden...

Robert at the botanic garden

Entrance to the National Anthropological

Difficult to see here, but this was a
very large, interesting fountain under the
entrance canopy, with city view in the

Rings used in the game of pelota


The Aztec calendar

Sculpture, note the two sets of hands,
the upper are male while the bottom
set (more submissive, ha) are

Not the best shot, but note the
beautiful jacaranda tree, in bloom
everywhere in the city in April

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view for more detail...

A Maya temple at the National
Archeological Museum

Closer view at head detail

Liza near an Olmec bust, for a sense
of scale...

See the larger view to note the
detail - one figure is being
decapitated - and he was the
winner of the pelota game

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