Class BaseTask

    extended by commandbox.system.BaseCommand
      extended by commandbox.system.BaseTask

Copyright Since 2014 CommandBox by Ortus Solutions, Corp | I am the base task implementation. An abstract class if you will.

Class Attributes:
  • synchronized : false
  • accessors : true
  • persistent : false
  • author : Brad Wood, Luis Majano, Denny Valliant
    Method Summary
    any loadModule(string moduleDirectory)
         Loads a module into memory from disk.
    any resolvePath(string path, [any basePath='[runtime expression]'])
         This resolves an absolute or relative path using the rules of the operating system and CLI.
    any task(any taskFile='task')
         Run another task by DSL.
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    Method Detail


    public any loadModule(string moduleDirectory)

    Loads a module into memory from disk. Relative paths will be resolved based on the location of the task runner CFC. The module will be left in memory and will not be unloaded. If the module is already loaded in memory, nothing will happen.

    moduleDirectory - Path to module folder. Ex: build/modules/myModule/


    public any resolvePath(string path, [any basePath='[runtime expression]'])

    This resolves an absolute or relative path using the rules of the operating system and CLI. It doesn't follow CF mappings and will also always return a trailing slash if pointing to an existing directory. Resolve the incoming path from the file system

    resolvePath in class BaseCommand
    path - The directory to resolve
    basePath - An expanded base path to resolve the path against. Defaults to direcory that the task lives in.


    public any task(any taskFile='task')

    Run another task by DSL.

    taskFile - The name of the task to run.