7 Unmatched Christmas Gifts For Mom 2018: Try These Unique Ideas

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With Christmas date approaching near, the searches related to Christmas gifts for moms have been increasing steadily. We have analyzed plenty of websites which claim to provide meaningful, great and unique Christmas gifts for moms, but almost all of them are focused on the same boring and rehashed physical gift ideas. In this post,  we bring to you a few handpicked and unmatched Christmas gift ideas for your mom (2018) which will not only amaze her but will also be a memorable gift for her.

After the end of the top Christmas gift suggestions by us, we will post the entire background and methodology which we used to come up with these gift ideas. So, without wasting any more time, let us get started. 

Recommendation A) Gifts Gone Digital (5 Gift ideas covered in this)

Yes, this is the CRUX of our entire gift recommendation which is sure to amaze your mom as we have successfully tested this trend during Mother's day. While almost everyone is busy to browse sites like Amazon, Walmart etc for Christmas gift ideas (which probably millions of others have been doing since years), it is your time to  take a creative step by adopting a digital and unique gift. Some of the top benefits of "DIGITAL Christmas gifts" are: 

1) There is more creativity in Digital gifts, hence they are more memorable.
2) They are generally cheaper than physical gifts.
3) They can be shared on social networks and platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc.
4) They last longer compared to physical gifts as there is no wear and tear.
5) They are easily portable and shareable through an internet connection.
6) They allow much more customization.
7) They have nil chances of getting damaged during delivery, unlike physical products.

A well thought of creative digital gift can create a long lasting impression. So where can you get such gifts inexpensively? The answer is Fiverr. Fiverr is the world's largest freelance services marketplace where one can find 1000's of services from various categories.  

Gift Idea 1)

Obama delivering a message to your mother. Surprised! Imagine the level of surprise which your mother or anyone coming across such a video would have. You can have Obama saying any customized script to your mother (you will have to provide the script to the video maker) See the below video to check a sample. 

To order a custom Obama video for your mother, you can go to this URL and order the gig (task). You can read the description given on the page to understand what you will get and in how many days and for what cost. You can simply make an account on Fiverr for Free or can even log in with your Google/Facebook account to order.  

Gift Idea 2)

Donald Trump signing and displaying your custom provided photo and text. You can use this opportunity creatively and can provide your mother's photo and a text like "Happy Christmas Mother" etc. You can see the sample video below: 

To get such a video done (it's inexpensive too), just visit the link here and make an order. You can read other description like the cost, delivery time in the linked page.

Gift Idea 3)

Message to your mother from Jesus Christ is another awesome gift idea. Just provide the script and get your order in 3-4 days. Check the sample video below:

To get such a video made for your mom, Visit here.

Gift Idea 4)

Have you watched "Pirates of the Caribbean"? If yes, then you probably know of Jack Sparrow. How about Captain Jack Sparrow saying a personalized message to your mom for Christmas? Check the sample video below: 

To get Jack Sparrow saying a custom message to your mother, visit this link and order. The basic package in this order is just of 8 words. You can order Standard or Premium package if you want the number of words to be increased.

Gift Idea 5)

Let this shower guy say a custom message to your mother. See the sample below

Just prepare a custom script and get this funny and creative video done for your mother. Here too, you can check the Basic, Standard and Premium packages to select the best one for you. Order this video here.

Apart from the above ideas, some similar and interesting gift ideas are:

a) Spartan King saying a custom message: URL link.
b) Funny fruitman saying a custom message: URL link.
c) This video gift in funny accent and style: URL link.

If you want to browse more such out-of-the box and creative gigs as Christmas gifts for your mother, then visit and browse this link.

Recommendation B)Personalized Physical Gifts(Gift idea 6)

For people who want to get a physical gift for their mothers, we advise them to choose personalized Christmas gifts for moms. You can gift a personalized wood cross, blanket, pillow, robe or many other kinds of ornaments and apparels. But with so many sites offering such personalized gifts, you must select a service which is trustworthy  and has a faster delivery time. For getting personalized Christmas gifts for mothers, we recommend personalizationmall.com. You can check out this site and select from the vast variety of personalized gift items. 

Recommendation C)Foot Massager(Gift idea 7)

As people age, one of the most problematic issue they come across is leg pain. Our foot contains many nerves linked to various organs in the body and hence foot massage provides a calming effect on the entire body. Even for people who do not witness any leg pain, they feel tremendous benefits from a foot massage. Even though there are massage chairs available which provide much more benefits but they are costly and hence a foot massager is one of the ideas as they are affordable and effective. Foot massagers will be a healthy and effective gift for your mother.  

To buy the best foot massager, buy directly from the dealer at the link: LINK

If we see Google search trends, we will come across many searches which are like Christmas gifts for aging mother, Christmas gifts for older mom, Christmas gifts for mom 60 years old, 50 years old, Christmas gifts for mom over 50, over 60, over 70 etc. So, for people concerned about their aging mother, they can give a gift which not only provides an aesthetic value but also gives health benefits.  

How we got the idea of digital gift ideas?

Background: We were working on compiling a list of the best mother's day gift ideas for the year 2018 (13 May 2018). Our team initially came across 238 gift ideas, but the common factor was that all of these gift ideas were physical gifts like watches, jewelry, decorative items etc. Since it was not feasible to list so many gift ideas, we started filtering these ideas and selected 75 out of them. The list was made for one of our clients' site (could not name for contract and privacy reasons). After handing over this list to our client, he posted this on his website about 8-10 days before Mothers Day. At the very second day of posting this list, one of the comments from a site visitor claimed that there is no uniqueness as almost all sites have been loaded with physical gifts and adding digital gifts to the list would be helpful.

The client reached out to us and told the entire scenario. He asked us if there are any good digital gifts which can be added. We searched for digital gifts and provided 3 recommendations based on some creative digital gifts which we found out. The list was changed and posted on the website. The results were AMAZING. Around 35% of the link clicks from site visitors were on our newly added digital gifts. The client reached out to us again and asked for more digital gift ideas after explaining to us the pattern of visitor clicks and buying behavior. After this, we truncated our list and made a final list of just 30 gift recommendations with 15 digital products and 15 physical products. The result after the publication of this final list was just surprising. 88% of all clicks and 76% of all sales were from the digital category. 

This led us to assume that people love digital gifts because they offer a much more unique and creative feel, unlike the traditional gift ideas which have been going on for centuries. We tested this idea on other occasions too and found them to be effective every time.  

Further, one more advantage of digital gifts is that they are relatively cheaper. There are many people who search for gifts using search terms like "Christmas gifts for mom under $25", "Christmas gifts for mom under $50", "Christmas gifts for mom under $100", "Christmas gifts for mom that are cheap", "Christmas gifts for mom on a budget" etc. For such people, our recommendations are the best match.  

The significance of giving gifts for Christmas

Every tradition, religion, and society all across the world have a certain set of practices which not only imparts an identity to it but also acts as a social bonding. The same holds true for Christmas too. The tradition of giving gifts during Christmas has been related to the historical event when Jesus was given presents by the wise men. The presents were Frankincense, Gold, and Myrrh. 

a) Frankincense was a perfume which has been used in worship. By giving it as a gift to Jesus, it implied that people would worship him.
b) Gold was mainly related to Kings and royalty. So, giving gold as a gift implied that Jesus is the King of Kings.
c) Myrrh was a perfume which was sprayed on the dead in order to make them smell nice. By giving it as a gift, it implied that Jesus would have to suffer and die.

Giving gifts is also one of the ways to show your love for the people who have affected your lives. It brings a sense of gratitude towards people who have helped in shaping our lives better. With the advancement of technology, the diversity in the number of gifts has also multiplied. Today, there are many e-commerce sites filled with 1000's of gift ideas. You can find gifts for all price range. The number of sites which provide recommended list of gift ideas has also multiplied in number. For anyone searching about gift ideas for his/her mom, it is very easy to get confused by seeing all gift recommendations.  

The most important thing one must keep in mind is that gifts need not be necessarily expensive in order to show your affection. A gift must be well thought of and pleasant for the receiver.  

What keywords did we came across before making this post?

To come up with good ideas, one must explore all sets of other existing ideas and then take a comprehensive analysis to come up with selected ideas. In order to create this post, we looked at the various keywords and browsed various websites which appeared for such search terms. Most of the gift ideas overlapped and were limited to broader categories of Jewelry, watches, handbags etc. However, we have NOT included any of those recommendations as we did not found anything new in them. Even though it is not possible to list all keywords, but some of the keywords used were (In the post below, we have used "cgf" as an abbreviated form for "Christmas gifts for" to prevent redundancy) 

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Do have any suggestions or comments regarding this post or if you have some unique gift ideas which you think might be helpful to the people looking for hristmas gift ideas, then, do reach out to us.  

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