Meaningful Support for Teachers:
Specific Ways to Encourage Game-Based Learning in the Classroom

Resources from the Panel Presentation at the 2014 DR K-12 PI Meeting


Presentation Slides in PDF format

Math Snacks - New Mexico State University Learning Games Lab

Presenter: Barbara Chamberlin (bchamber at nmsu dot edu)




Geniverse - The Concord Consortium

Presenter: Frieda Reichsman (freichsman at concord dot org)




Presenter: Erin Bardar (erin_bardar at terc dot edu)


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Impulse Teacher Play & Discussion Guide (38 MB)
Guide to help teachers familiarize themselves with the game Impulse,get comfortable with the way physics is represented in the game, and prepare for integrating discussions and game play examples into their classroom lessons. 

Quantum Spectre Teacher Play Guide (60 MB)
Guide to support teachers' use of Quantum Spectre game examples in the classroom, including information about how to access a *special teacher version* of the game, step-by-step navigation instructions, and examples of puzzles that are particularly appropriate for addressing the key concepts.