Juliet of the Spirits DVD

Juliet of the Spirits
(Giulietta degli Spiriti)
a film by Federico Fellini - 1965
w/ Giulietta Masina, Mario Pisu, Sandra Milo and many more

special features

The most lushly beautiful and haunting of all of Fellini's films, the climax of Federico Fellini's artistic collaboration with his life-long partner, actress Giulietta Masina, an experience that can never be forgotten, Juliet of the Spirits  is now available on DVD from the Criterion Collection!

In Juliet of the Spirits, the processes involved in identity formation -- specifically those that involve the family dynamic and religious aspirations -- are shown to involve spirits of the past which, while they typically are encountered during the process of "growing up" as the values which are transmitted through the generations, are more real than that and manifest themselves in a variety of other ways.   While these processes occur primarily during childhood and adolescence, they continue throughout adult life as well; although most adults seem oblivious to this fact --  but not Giulietta!  She is open to the life of the spirit world, and by being so is able to come to terms with her existence.  Juliet of the Spirits is a film of intense self-discovery:  the layers of illusion and self-delusion peel away one after another as slowly but surely the film makes its way to the core of human being, leading finally to a profoundly satisfying conclusion that frees the individual to face the future on her own terms. Juliet Poster

If you would like to learn more about this one of a kind film, please visit Film Forum's Juliet of the Sprits page.  It has a nice review plus film stills and a special selection of Fellini and Juliet of the Spirits links.

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