About the Zerto PowerShell Cmdlets Module

The Zerto PowerShell cmdlets module is an additional component of the PowerShell toolset provided to our users to assist with automation. This module greatly expands the capabilities available to administrators and is built off the Zerto REST API on the Zerto Virtual Manager. It allows users to perform actions via PowerShell or PowerShell scripts they write, such as the following:

Establish a session with a ZVM for the available cmdlets in this module.
Perform VPG operations such as creating a new VPG, editing an existing VPG, running a Live Failover operation, running a Move operation, and running a Clone operation.
Install, edit, or uninstall a VRA.
Query report data from the resources and recovery reports.
Query Alert and Events data from the alerts and events available in the ZVM.

Important:  Important: Old snapin cmdlets are not supported starting from Zerto 9.0.

A document describing the differences between the Zerto PowerShell cmdlets module used from Zerto 9.0 and the module used until Zerto 8.5 is available here.

The following topics are discussed in this section:

Installing the Cmdlets

Zerto PowerShell Cmdlets Help