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ZenMate Review

ZenMate VPN has some great services and has a wide range of servers. They have estimated more than 40 million users worldwide. ZenMate VPN works on multiple platforms such as Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android. Even though there are many players who offer Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), ZenMate VPN differentiates itself on performance, quick setup process and easy to use. It provides decent privacy and anonymity features for internet users. Also, it can help users access US-based services while traveling abroad or connect to blocked sites.

ZenMate VPN has both free and paid subscriptions. Free version utilizes IPSec IKEv2 and L2TP protocols whereas the premium version uses the OpenVPN tunneling protocol. ZenMate offers 128-bit encryption, unlike competitors who give higher encryption security at almost price. Premium users get some nifty features such as a web firewall with ad and tracker blocking. It has a free browser extension for Chrome and Firefox, which provides the basic VPN services such as four server locations and slow speeds. 

More features are expected soon as in mid-October 2018, ZenMate was purchased by Kape Technologies, who own CyberGhost VPN services. ZenMate has already improved in terms of customer support and technologies such as P2P services. They are constantly adding servers and have scaled up their operations.  

Before Using ZenMate VPN Coupon - Pricing

Starting at $11.99 per month, ZenMate VPN is expensive compared to competitors. Costs come down to $72 per year if paid annually. The three tiers of pricing consist of free, premium and ultimate packages.

ZenMate VPN Coupon

The free edition has TLS encryption, firewall services, browser extensions, and servers located in Germany, Hong Kong, the United States, and Romania. The free service is a proxy and not a full VPN. It encrypts the data passing through the browser, but not through other applications.

The Premium package has a full desktop VPN client for Windows or Mac, great speed, almost 300 servers in 31 countries, malware blocking, and tracking protection. Priced at $9.99 per month, it is relatively more expensive than competitors. For an annual subscription, the price drops to $5.99 per month.

The Ultimate Package has all the features of premium along with streaming guarantee.  ZenMate Ultimate has OpenVPN support which can be used for routers, TVs, games consoles, and many more. The "Streaming Guarantee" gives the users credits based on their subscription if they're unable to access streaming sites like Netflix or Hulu. It's priced from $14.29 per month or $9.09 billed annually.

The company provides a seven-day free trial to test the service before any billing and has a 14-day money-back guarantee. Users can use PayPal, credit card, Union Pay, or Qiwi Wallet but there is no support for the cryptocurrency. 

ZenMate VPN - Setup

The main website is user-friendly. The privacy policy and terms of service might be a bit complicated. As per their policies, they do not store or log any personal data which can be used to identify any user's internet activities. ZenMate VPN is rather easy to sign-up for and install. Once sign-up is completed, an email address with a password is sent. The next step is to install the applications.

What you need to know about the setup:

Browser extensions are available for Google Chrome and Firefox. It only protects the browser traffic and can be used for simple website unblocking tasks.

Zenmate setup

The Chrome extension is identical to Firefox version and opens with a console where users can choose a location and get connected. A paid plan unlocks built-in blocking of malicious websites and 3rd-party tracking services. There is a "Smart Locations" feature which using which one can specify the location to use with a website like Netflix. But this feature can leak the user's location and should be used with caution. So, ZenMate's free browser extensions are worth trying as a free product, but have too many limitations.

The windows client asks for an email address and a password. No need to provide any payment details before the completion of the 7-day trial. The PC app is simple to use with a connect button and a menu of locations to select a new server. An "EverSecure" feature is available which forces the VPN to reconnect every time the browser or application connects to the Internet. A "KillSwitch" which stops live connections when the VPN disconnects are also provided. Users can filter the location list by entering a few characters or select a location from "Favorite". But users cannot select servers within a location and there is no indicator ping time. There are no autoconnection options. The desktop notification feature is missing. The color of the application's icon in system tray icon changes i.e. light means connected and dark is disconnected. ZenMate app remains silent in the system tray if the connection attempt fails. 

The mobile app is available in iOS App Store or Google Play Store. For Android smartphones, head to play store, install the app, log in using the username and password created earlier. In the app, there is a location menu, a switch on button, account option, view settings and notifications. The iOS app is similar to the desktop application and has an optional ad-blocking feature.

ZenMate VPN – Pros

Some of the Pros of ZenMate VPN service are:

Starting from creating an account to installing the apps, this is one of the easiest services. ZenMate's interfaces and services look as if it is designed for non-technical crowd. The design is consistent throughout all clients of different platforms. The additional features are tucked under settings to avoid tinkering. 

ZenMate VPN is a decent choice as it has a good number of servers in a various locations such as the US, the UK and Germany. The "EverSecure" and "KillSwitch" features cover the basics well in case of VPN failure. ZenMate utilizes IPSec and IKEv2 protocols for MacOS which stable and secure protocols are. But there is a limited platform support with some firewall related issues. Windows users get IPSec, IKEv2 and L2TP/IPSec. ZenMate Ultimate package and premium plan has OpenVPN compatibility. OpenVPN protocol is open sourced and maintained by a large community. ZenMate's protocols support AES for encryption, which is secure. ZenMate VPN uses 128-bit AES to reduce costs and for performance.

Zenmate protect data

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Two of ZenMate's servers worked with Netflix, which are in the US. ZenMate VPN is good in bypassing censorship. Five connections are allowed per account which is similar competitors. 

Torrenting was not possible in ZenMate a few years back. But now, ZenMate allows P2P sharing on their servers. This is one great point for users who like less-fussy VPN services and mainly need a decent service for P2P. 

As described before, ZenMate uses industry grade protection. Although competitions use 256-bit encryption, as per the 128-bit encryption is enough for general users. This also reduces technical glitches and brings down cost for them. The use of OpenVPN has further improved their device support and protection from malicious elements while using the internet. ZenMate can detect and stop almost all prevalent malware while browsing internet. This is a hygiene factor for a VPN service and can come handy. 

ZenMate is compatible with many web browsers, OS, and mobile platforms, although Smart TVs are an expectation. The coverage extends to Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Chrome, Firefox, and Opera browsers through downloadable VPN service. The addition of OpenVPN software has further increased this gamut.

ZenMate – Cons:

ZenMate is simple to use and has some good functionalities. But then there are lots of issues with their clients which are quite buggy. The speeds are inconsistent and on the lower side as compared to other services. The unblocking is not quite robust and there are reports of ZenMate VPN leaking data, such as the user's IP address.

Compared with other VPNs, ZenMate is either slower or equal in speed. In an EU test, it gave a download speed of 60 Mbps and upload of 12 Mbps which is slower as compared to other services. The US server gave a download speed of 55 Mbps and upload speed of 3 Mbps which is again slower compared to competitors. The internet speeds are quite inconsistent with ZenMate. A VPN server in the same country displayed reduction in speed by almost 45% which is troublesome. All competitors give equal and better speed compared to ZenMate for lesser or equal price which is no ideal. Transatlantic connections were extremely slow and inconsistent time to time.

Netflix unblocking is tricky, and users need to know which servers to connect beforehand. The unblocking process can be a bit cumbersome for users who might not know which server to use. This is one of the primary reasons why people use VPN services in the first case.

ZenMate's German location comes under 14 Eyes surveillance alliance. Hence, there is always a chance of information leakage.

Zenmate coupon

In case of leakage of DNS and WebRTC, there can be a security issue of your information. ZenMate failed in one of the tests done using sites like ipleak.net which can be a major issue.

The desktop client can crash a couple of times before launching and connecting. It has been also noticed that connection might drop and then connecting back takes a long time. The desktop application needs to be fully existed and then relaunched to resolve the issue.

The support site is not adequately equipped with technical data and the technical support uses copy paste answers.

Compared with NordVPN Service

As for the recommendation, it is better for the users to look for some other alternative as the speeds are not that great and inconsistent. The unblocking services are kind of tricky. Data leakage is possible due to location of ZenMate. Services like NordVPN have a lot many servers distributed throughout the world and give a wide variety of options to choose servers under one location. Furthermore, VPNs are used mostly for browsing blocked web services which can be tricky to use for ZenMate VPN.

ExpressVPN or NordVPN seems to be a better alternative to ZenMate VPN. They have similar or higher protection standards, can cost around $3-10 per month and have plenty of servers which support access to blocked services. Moreover, their customer support systems are top-notch, and their knowledge base is equipped with plenty of articles which can be referred easily. Furthermore, data logging and IP leakage issue can be avoided by opting for these vendors, which is the primary intention of using a VPN in the first place.

ZenMate - Support

ZenMate gives very low information regarding their terms and conditions upfront when signing up. Everything is hidden under lots of details. ZenMate's support site has nothing more than three simple links viz. Getting Started, Using ZenMate and Troubleshooting. The technical articles are very less detailed. Articles are also not segregated properly under the correct headings. The advices are not much useful. There is no live chat functionality. Email service takes a long time for any reply to even basic questions. There is no automatic email confirming that your mail has been received by them. This can lead to confusion, that whether the support team is looking into the issue. These issues might be handled by ZenMate in future, but lack of these hygiene factors differentiates it from competitors who have faster and better customer support services.

The customer service offers basic responses. The response can be compared with a copy and paste answers. The issues are collected using a "help" form present in the lower right-hand corner of the support page.

ZenMate Coupon & VPN – Verdict

ZenMate coupon can help to save BIG off the original price, it is up to 83% off the original price. And Zenmate has a simple interface for all clients. The functionalities are present in almost all competitor products and there is no point of difference. The free package does not make much sense and it is better to opt for a premium package. This VPN service is designed for non-technical users. ZenMate's free browser extensions are useful, but plagued by inconsistent speeds and lack of features. As for the premium package, the prices are on the higher side as compared to some of the services out there which give much more protection and features for the same price. But by using theZenMate coupon codes, you can save more money than ever could.

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