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Zoysia does not require the same dangerous chemicals that other grasses do because Zoysia naturally resists bugs and weeds. One of the harsh realities of owning a pet is that they use the lawn as a bathroom.  Zoysia is more tolerant to pet waste than other grasses. I have 2 Chows and need to do my backyard any suggestions on how to do this and keep them off of it for 30 days.
If the Chows have to use the backyard during that time, I would suggest roping off at least a section for them to use and try to keep them off of the rest of the yard, as much as possible.

No grass can survive constant, prolonged exposure in the same spot from pet waste.  Some grasses react to even a little pet waste, turning brown after occasional exposure.
The kids can play, the dog can run and dad can practice his golf swing, all without worrying about the grass. Having a strong, hearty grass will save your lawn from the abuse and Zoysia is a wonderful grass that can fit the bill for active families. In the event that your Zoysia lawn *does* get damaged, it will actually heal itself by filling in the hole.

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