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The gruesome attack Friday was captured on video from the window of a tenement in the Bronx. 11-week-old baby Eisleigh and 8-week-old Pitbull puppy named Clyde have a fantastic relationship, according to Brandi Leigh Hodges’ YouTube video.
If the dog is raised right it will be that big of a baby it’s entire life, but it will also kill or die to protect her.

A BABY NEED A CLEAN ENVIROMENT, THAT DOG IS WALKING IN THE YARD, CAN BRING SOME DISEASE,LARVA(TENIA)IN HIS BODY.A FRIEND GIVE ME A PIT BUL (LOOKS LIKE YOUR DOG) AS GIFT AT THE SAME TIME MY BABY WAS 11 MONTHS, DEAR I GIVE AWAY THE DOG!!! They also say kids and pitbulls get along great, yet the minute a pitbull mauls or kills a child (which is OFTEN), they blame the child and the parents for not keeping the dog away from the child.
I do not think she would attack someone, but you can never guess with a 100% certainty what the animal may perceive as a threat, so I use caution.

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