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Yorkshire Terrier TemperamentThe Yorkshire Terrier is feisty, alert, inquisitive, energetic, determined, brave, bossy, scrappy and boisterous. Hopefully, these facts about Yorkies serve the subliminal purpose of revealing some very important information. Although a toy breed, the Yorkie still retains much of its terrier ancestry in terms of personality. Emily "I love Yorkshire Terriers, I have one his name is Beasty, he is so sweet and cute but the only thing is that he was breeded so small he gets streesed and hot he starts to pant and freak out but other than that i love him to death !!!!!
A few individual Yorkshire Terriers may be timid or nervous, rather than bold, but the vast majority do seem to meet the breed standard for a confident, vigorous and self-important personality.

The representative here is the famous Yorkshire Terrier, well-known as one cute dog who ranks high in human mind interpretation. In fact, this interpretation ability has been the key reason why the Yorkie (originally from Scotland) approaches you to explain the dynamics of dog-human interaction through personal experience. The textile mills, factories and the coal mines began to open up to accommodate a huge work force.
You would come to know about several interesting Yorkshire terrier facts, forwarded to encourage you in being part of the dog-human network. Accompanying these Scottish workers, were the early ancestors, the Clydesdale terrier (or Paisley terrier).The rat population in the factories were sufficient to provide for food.

In the memory archives of Yorkie facts, the name of Huddersfield Ben (born 1865) passes on from generation to generation. Humans, tired with rigorous work at the factories and mills needed friends to listen to their stories.
Through human involvement, matchmaking between the Clydesdale terriers and the English toy terriers was arranged.

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