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Dear CJ, Regarding your 3 year old Golden Retriever, you wrote, "He's been eating soup, white rice, some canned dog food, but he'll throw it right back up. My puppy started vomiting today but still Thursday afternoon she made sounds like she was choking i called the vet she said it was just a reverse cough.
Hi Melissa, For your 5 month old Maltese puppy that is refusing to eat, I would advise taking her in to see a veterinarian. Hi, I have a 1 year old pekingnese dog and he has been very healthy but the past 2 days it seems like everytime he eats his dog food, he just throws it back up. DISCLAIMER: The above should never replace the advice of your local veterinarian, as they have the ability to evaluate your dog in person.
October 14, 2014 Dear Mildred, Thanks for your concern for your friend's dog. I'm happy to help, but we only accept new questions from subscribers (the original question above was from a subscriber).
You did not mention how long this problem has been occurring, but from the photo, he (she), is very depressed, thin, and appears dehydrated.
Small breeds can suffer from low blood sugar, and in a young puppy they are also prone to Parvo virus and other diseases that start with decreased appetite, The sooner she is examined, and treated it needed, would be best. Also, thanks for your question.
We have not allowed him to have any people food and he only eats puppy chow (well the adult one now).
A great deal of the vomiting we see is due to obsessive licking of its hair or grass eating. And I am afraid that the aspirin may have irritated his stomach,even more, so he is feeling weak.His body temperature is a little on the cold side, that is why he wants to lay in the sun. After having multiple dogs over the years and believing this old school belief that dogs ate grass to relieve a sour stomach, I decided to challenge it. We have taken her to two vets and they have done all the tests possible, xrays, you name it.

I will have the money Thursday when I get paid but for now I have to keep on trying to force feed him and give him all the help I can with what little I have on hand. And cover him up with some towels or a blanket.Since he is vomiting the beef broth,do not give him any more, and just stick to feeding the chicken broth.
Carol Jean Tillman PS--From your question it sounds like your dog is rather sick, and should see a veterinarian as soon as possible, and not wait for advice from an online veterinarian.
I simply thought the hair and grass was causing excessive acid production which caused the vomiting.
He can have some ice cubes to lick, especially if he is vomiting food and liquids - you can make up some chicken broth ice cubes. If you have been able to keep him hydrated and he has not vomited any more, then the sub Q fluids would be cheaper, less stressful, and he would not have to stay in the hospital. Also ask if they can give him a B-vitamin plus B-12 injection and if you can get some Pet-Tinic. This is a liver and iron tonic (comes in liquid form) that you can give with an eye dropper or syringe.
Thank you! DISCLAIMER: This educational advice is based on the depth of your question and the picture you submitted.
Feeding a dog nothing but people food will cause his system to not work properly over time. If you want to feel like you are giving him special people food treats, there are many online sites which have recipes for homemade doggy treats that you can make for him. I do not know if puppy is eating kibble or not, but if she is, you can add warm water to kibble. He is very tiny and we were so worried that if he continued to refuse to eat, his blood sugar would drop like you said, and he can't afford to have that happen or to lose any more weight, either.

Whenever I need to open a new can, I pour the broth into a squeeze bottle and keep it in the fridge, then squeeze out just a bit over the dry food in each feeding dish at mealtime. So simple!We discovered this little trick also keeps our other rescue dog from choking on her food from eating too fast.
Now we have two very happy little dogs, and it's not an expensive fix at all.I hope your little one perks up soon! She grieved intensely for her lost son (she was 12 and the son was 6 and died from a respiratory problem). You have to realize the dog is grieving just as you would if you lost a close family member. Oh, also through this time I also gave her a doggy multi-vitamin daily too just to make sure she was getting the vitamins she needed while she wasn't eating enough.
He likes to eat human food like chapathi (flat bread) and Pedigree, but for the last month he is not eating anything. I had to do that when one of my dogs had skin allergies so bad he was losing weight and hair.
I called my vet and he said that that is the way they behave when they are in pain (he had given her pain meds before she left the office but it must have worn off).

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