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There is always a logical explanation for why does my dog bark at me or why does my dog bark at other dogs or why does my dog bark at nothing. And, these dogs are sometimes easier to deal with; you know you are dealing with an aggressive dog. But unless there is some kind of misfire, or medical condition, or aggression training aggressiveness comes and goes. I have stayed in relationships both with dogs and with people far past the point of comfort always hoping it would get better. For those of you with seriously aggressive dogs (you sleep with one eye open, or your dog has already bit you or someone else and drawn blood, or you are in serious fear) you need to seek the help of a veterinary behaviorist to come out to the house and witness the behavior and make sure it is safe for all of you.
Remember dogs are as different as we people are, and sometimes they need different approaches. Some dogs might draw blood, some might barely touch skin, and some will send you to the hospital for stiches.
And if that warning is not heeded or you make the mistake of touching say him while he is sleeping again you are likely to take an even more aggressive attack. My dog was reported to animal control for being off leash, my fault, and barking threateningly at the neighbor who is afraid of dogs. Poor Dingo is obviously feeling very insecure and biting is part of a dog’s natural defence mechanism. We have had sweetheart dogs, trained them well, and can even take bones right out of their mouths. I have a loving German Shepherd that likes to graze (if that is the correct term) while she is being brushed, she nibbles gently on my arm.She never growls and I can take anything from her but occasionally if I rub her lower back she will snap at my hand. I have a shepherd dog who we are careful about when in the house as he will bite without warning (he growls, barks and bites in the same nanosecond!) if we have the audacity to put a hand out to him when passing him.

One of the other dogs barks at passing bicycles, motorbikes, some people (but not all), etc, etc. Dogs play rough with other dogs, but it is important that you teach them this is inappropriate with you.
I would seek the help of a veterinary behaviorist to help you keep your family safe and who can come out and see the behavior! Your grandchildren may accept it, but if they have a friend over and he does this to them… you may end up with a serious problem.
Most of the time dog aggression is different that people aggression, but territorial behavior can be for either.
I have Neo Mastiff who growls when we want to push or pull him without leash inside the house, I am not in denial I am very concern and that is why I purchased your companion course because my dog is big and I don’t want him going from growling into biting. But i know , one or some day i’m going to have Dogs, not one , or two but dogs of species. Recently I noticed tht when my family and I are outside playing he is outside with us he gets hyper and charges at my kids to knock them over and he starts to either nip or bite them until me or my wife gets him off.
He loves to play, when I don’t play with him right away he will get a shoe and wants me to chase him.
She has been very warm and wonderful, but lately has been getting more obsessed with her toys and has started growling when people reach to take them from her to play catch. They tell me that chihuahuas and daschund don’t like other dogs only their own breed. Unless you truly have mental control of your dog he should not be allowed on any furniture that you (might) want to occupy!! The other day my daughter was on the swing and he kept jumping up and trying bite her, he got a hold of her elbow for a split second until I finally got him to come away from her.

As someone or something gets closer and closer to the dog, the dog will generally bark more and louder, will be extremely alert, and may even display aggression. And when he knows he’s in trouble he runs back and forth at full speed until I can finally get him to calm down. He always would grumble and walk away since and never let us pick him up or go near him while he was eating. I instantly tell her no and she instantly drops it, but I don’t want to have to do this.
He’s territorial, and jealous of our other two dogs and will attack them viscously at times when they walk buy. I would love help regarding getting her to share her toys – and I mean SHARE, not stare fixated and wound tighter than a spring ready to growl if you touch her while she’s watching the person with her toy! He has started to bring back his toys and then he runs into other room and waits for me to toss it. Just walking by him sometimes will cause him to growl and attack our feet and jump up to get our hands if we keep walking. There is no warning at all that we can see, and I am pretty good at reading my dogs body language (I thought anyway) We have 2 other dogs that we got as pups and have never had any of these problems. Now, he has been marking since we got him, so wiping it up is nothing new to him, and his reaction was completely unexpected. OH, and he has been getting more aggressive toward the other dogs too, but only pushes them and growls at this point.

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