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The dog to feel safe.[2] Make the learn extensively on habits modification and dog ethology develop this. He is completely house trained and great with kids and most other dogs, especially the little ones. Luke is wonderful with other dogs, not sure how he is with cats, but it's suspected he could be trained to respect a family cat.
Mojo is missing some teeth, so his little tongue hangs out, but that does not deter him from trying to chew on treats, and he eats well with properly sized food.

Mabel is on the heavy side and may not run as fast as the young dogs do, but she still LOVES a game of fetch & tug-a-war! She adores kids, and although she would just as soon be the only dog in the family, she does get along with other dogs. We don't know why she ended up in a pound, but she did, and now needs her forever family to come adopt her. He's peppy when he's out and about, but what he really enjoys is cuddling, (he's an adorable snugglebug) sleeping, and eating.

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