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Mia does a good job not only being respectful of the guinea pig, but also resisting the urge to eat the loot Bruce left on the towel. My dog has just recovered from an incident of moxidectin poisening (Quest horse dewormer) that she acquired from eating the feces of recently wormed horses. Our vet gives prescription worming to all our horses and other boarders where we keep our horses at the same time, so we can watch the dogs.
When I walked into the room Mia was working on eating her throw-up, which was mixed in with her dinner.

I remove feces from pastures everyday and of course the dogs ride in 4wheeler with me and once in a while I would catch them eating the manure. Please tell anyone you know that has horses and uses daily wormers that the manure is toxic! With so many horses, and many on the trails with dogs, it is not always easy to keep dogs out of the manure.
Go and get a drink of water to wash out your mouth!" I would really like to know WHY dogs like to eat poop!

We don't know if he was eating the poop, rolling in it or if he had just stepped in it, but he reeked and now Amie had poop on her shirt and arms.
In the morning I open his crate and he follows me to the front door, where he goes outside, does his morning business and eats breakfast.

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