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Dogs are historically pack animals, and many of their behaviors are based in the psychology of working with a pack. Animals commonly display licking, chewing or drooling behaviors when they are feeling nauseated.
If your dog is licking his bed because of an underlying medical condition, your veterinarian will advise you as to the appropriate treatment options. A dog licking his nose may be signalling his submission to a dominant dog, or indicating non-aggression towards other animals and humans.
You can manage and reduce licking behavior stemming from psychological issues by reducing your pet's anxiety and stress levels.

If your dog has recently given birth to puppies, she may be licking her bed because of a biological urge to keep her pups' environment clean.
Compulsive grooming behavior is commonly witnessed in dogs that are stressed or under-stimulated in their environment.
Excessive licking can be a symptom of a medical problem such as gastric disease, liver problems or a neurological disorder.
Some dogs keep chews and treats in their beds -- licking the bed may occur when the dog licks up crumbs or chew pieces.
Consult a veterinarian if your dog's licking behavior changes significantly or is cause for concern.

If you pay attention to your dog when he licks his bed, you may be providing the attention your pet craves.

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